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War Studies Online Student Testimonials

The faculty is excellent and engaged, and the other students had particularly interesting viewpoints from their experiences in the military, media, academia, and other fields. I was able to take classes focused on specific aspects of military studies such as air power and sea power, as well as others dedicated to the modern war history and strategy of geographical areas like South Asia and the Middle East. In each of the classes, students were directed to a comprehensive and diverse set of resources by faculty who are top experts in their fields. The professors are deeply knowledgeable and eager to interact with students in the many discussions we had over two years.

Thomas Storch, Analyst, New York


Hear from our students about their experiences

EdwardOultonAfter twenty years working in banking, I was looking for a master's degree in international conflict that supported my mobility (moving countries twice during the course) and would be really interesting.  King’s MA in International Relations and Contemporary War hit the spot and then some. There is a fascinating diversity of students, many at the sharp end of conflict, that encouraged me to look at events outside of my default perspective; all supported by knowledgeable and motivated lecturers.  Although I undertook the course out of personal interest, the benefits overflowed into my work, helping me develop a deeper and more analytical approach to examining issues and opportunities, and being more cognisant of how the same event is viewed so differently by different groups. 

Edward Oulton, Financial Services, Johannesburg


JessicaMalekosThe ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ For me, taking that single step in applying to King’s College London’s War Studies distance learning MA programme has led to an incredible academic and professional journey. Studying MA International Relations and Contemporary War has helped accelerate my professional development in ways I never had imagined. As the Cyber Scholar at Duke University Law School and a former Captain in the US Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps, the War Studies Online course modules on International Law and the Use of Force and International Relations have been particularly valuable in augmenting my knowledge. What distinguishes WSO is its impressive variety of modules, flexible mode of study for full-time working professionals, and engaging discussions with students from all over the world. The online learning platform enables students to stay well-connected with peers and lecturers, as well as have single-stream access to the course materials and research support from King’s College London Library. For those considering whether to pursue an advanced degree with King’s College London, I highly encourage applying and beginning your journey of a thousand miles.

Jessica Malekos Smith, Reuben Everett Cyber Scholar at Duke University Law School, United States


ChrisKuklinskiThe War Studies Online MA degrees are superior programmes of academic integrity. The tutors challenged me to think beyond my own experiences and to explore new concepts. My peers introduced a variety of perspectives that fractured my preconceptions allowing new ideas to germinate. Studying the MA War in the Modern World is the most rewarding academic experience I’ve encountered.  The Department of War Studies gains my highest recommendation for any security and defence studies professionals desiring to further their education. War Studies Online is unquestionably the best. 

Chris Kuklinski, Assistant Deputy Director for Global Operations, USSTRATCOM


Richard Kouyoumdjian InglisWhen I wanted to study an MA degree on contemporary war online there was one choice that stood out: War Studies Online’s ‘War in the Modern World´ at King’s College London. Its world-class academic staff and years of successful delivery sold it for me. The degree proved even better than expected. All modules were interesting and challenging and the knowledgeable teaching staff were always on hand to answer students’ questions and help when needed. For me it was better than attending the classroom. The highly engaged level of interaction with other students from around the world and being able to write your dissertation on a topic of your choice with hands-on direction by the tutor, are highlights. 

A whole new world of opportunity came my way as a direct result of graduating with my degree from War Studies Online. My dissertation was published in the prestigious Corbett Papers series, via the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies, based at King’s. Senior figures in the defence and naval establishment in Chile took note and with this backing I was able to gain funding from the Hoover and Heritage institutes in the USA with support from the IISS and RUSI think tanks in the UK to cofound a new think tank in Chile, AthenaLab. Our purview is defence and foreign policy. We have organised seminars on defence policy and modernisation of the defence management, and on China and the Pacific coast south American countries.

Richard Kouyoumdjian Inglis, CEO of Empresas Indumotora, banker, and former Chilean naval officer 


Vasileios TheodosopoulosKing’s fully online MA “International Relations and Contemporary War” was an ideal fit for my goals, since I wanted to deepen my knowledge on global affairs through a Masters degree from a world-class institution, without having to move and interrupt my career. The prestige of the university’s War Studies department, the structure of the programme, the selection of courses offered and, of course, the calibre of the faculty made it an easy choice. The programme’s remote and asynchronous design provided me with the flexibility necessary to balance my personal, professional and academic life, while the modular format allowed me to tailor the curriculum to my interests, which has been very useful professionally. The modules themselves were thoroughly enjoyable, owing both to their state-of-the-art and highly relevant content and to the stimulating exchange of ideas and perspectives between students coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds. The faculty was excellent too. They were knowledgeable and engaged, linking course contents with current affairs and their historical context and encouraging critical discussion and debate, which made classes even more fascinating. Finally, the programme’s administrative staff were always there to ensure that everything functioned smoothly. All in all, the MA “International Relations and Contemporary War” fully met my expectations. It was an academically challenging, but also incredibly rewarding experience, which considerably enhanced my skill-set and  has already proven valuable in my work.

Vasileios Theodosopoulos, European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy analyst, Brussels 


Sarah GamberiniThe remote nature of this programme provided the flexibility I required while still accessing a world class education. The pacing and structure of the courses allows me to carve out time in my own schedule balancing school, job, and family life. The ease of the online portal maximizes the time I dedicate to the programme and is both a virtual library and classroom. There is also flexibility in the structure of the programme itself which allowed me to take time off for maternity leave after having my first child. The internationally focused curriculum of this programme combined with vibrant discussion with other full-time professionals around the world has already proven valuable and directly applicable to my daily work.

Sarah Gamberini, Defense Contractor, Washington D.C.


Richard DaviesI enrolled on MA International Relations and Contemporary War to pursue in more depth a lifelong interest in global affairs alongside my job. The structure of the programme, the variety of issues covered and their relevance to the 'real world' made King’s a natural choice. As someone who works for a multinational firm, I have been delighted to note how much of the course content is relevant to the commercial world and the changing nature of the relations we have with governments and other institutions. A major feature for me has been the specific design of the course for distance learning, which has meant that I can combine study with extensive travel associated with my role.

Richard Davies, Vice-President of Computer Sciences Corporation, UK


Robyn KrielI wanted to gain a Masters level degree from a prestigious institution, but I simply could not afford to put my career as a journalist on hold. The King's College web-delivered MA “War in the Modern World” programme offered me the perfect opportunity to achieve my goal. The course has been utterly refreshing. The professors are exceptionally engaging and up-to-date with current affairs, so you feel like you are gleaning an excellent context of the past whilst still watching current events take place, for example, the Ukraine/ Russia crisis. Professors also encourage students to link these events, which, for a journalist who is obsessed with the new news of the day, every day, is extremely useful.

Robyn Kriel, CNN Anchor/ Correspondent


Are Gellein BlikengThe MA “War in the Modern World” at King’s College London exceeded my expectations. The course content was up to date and relevant, the professors and tutors were engaged and knowledgeable, the administrative staff were always at hand and helpful, and the online platform was tried and tested. Keeping up my progression and completing the degree was therefore a thoroughly positive experience, despite, of course, being academically challenging. Looking back, I am glad I chose “War in the Modern World” at King’s College. I have not simply gained a master’s degree, but new knowledge and academic skillsets that have already aided my professional work.

Are Gellein Blikeng, analyst, Oslo.



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