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"My testimony is only one of many which reveal the importance of receiving the life-changing and transformative opportunity that a scholarship provides. The funding I received not only magnified my absolute love for history and the study of war but it also propelled me to follow my dreams in a way I would have never imagined possible.  

It urged me to follow my heart without financial struggles and worries constantly straining my interests, freeing me to fully integrate myself in the department and deepen my passions for my degree. In short, it brought me to life, inflaming my interests in the importance of supporting victims of war, cementing my decision to follow my dreams to fight the injustices many face during and after conflicts, finding ways to use my skills to make their voices heard.  

None of this could have been achieved without the dedication and absolute kindness of my donors. Living with financial struggles had previously prevented me from even gaining access to key textbooks even if they were as little as £10, or visiting institutions such as the British Library or any free public lectures that King’s or UCL due to the expense of travel being beyond my weekly means.  

Although this is a simple message, the impact that such a momentous opportunity has had on me and my academic journey at university, aside from supporting my academic success, cannot easily be conveyed. This kind of support not only frees a bright and capable student constrained by financial difficulties to follow their passions, but it transforms their life and that of their families forever. For me personally, winning this scholarship also acted as a symbol connecting me to my beloved mother and the love for education she fostered within me.  

Donating to a scholarship scheme in essence transforms a student’s life deeply and on so many levels, as well as helping them fulfil their dreams and career goals."

- Undergraduate scholarship recipient

"The funding that I have received through my bursary made a hugely positive impact on my experience at university and my studies. I had been concerned that having to work alongside studying would undermine my capacity to study to the best of my ability. Having the extra funding has enabled me to dedicate more of my time and energy to my degree and go above and beyond what I’d hoped to achieve.   

Additionally, I was able to purchase better equipment to support my remote studies during the pandemic, which greatly helped my productivity during this challenging period as I could work in relative comfort from home with a good computer that was more reliable than my old software.  

Coming from a low-income household, the difference between myself and my peers sometimes feels quite stark as they have had access to so many more opportunities than I ever did, thanks to their background. Bursaries are a way of bridging that gap and helping students like me feel like they have more in common with their peers. This has helped a lot with my mental health, knowing that I can now access more opportunities that would have been out-of-bounds previously for financial reasons."

- Undergraduate scholarship recipient