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Ivan Markov


This blog was first published as part of #KingsStories and reproduced here with the authors permission as a submission to #KingsReflectingTogether

Ivan Markov's Story - Visual-02[1]


Although I am Bulgarian, I have decided to remain in London during the times of quarantine. It is frightening seeing London without its seemingly endless crowds of tourists. It is, indeed, easy to get irritated and discouraged because all our plans were essentially put on hold indefinitely.  

I would always say that my motivation comes when I see results from my actions. Given the current situation, seeing tangible results is all but impossible. Besides the usual exam revision, Youtube-binging and late-night snacking, I decided to dedicate my time in isolation to making a difference for others. During the very peak of the Covid-19 crisis, I started working as a frontline worker for the NHS in a cancer hospital in West London. In addition to that, I am involved in various Business School committees that are currently looking into the future of the faculty and the university, accounting for the uncertainty of the current times. 

I am sure that all of you are familiar with our mascot, Reggie the Lion. I strongly believe that every one of us carries the will and perseverance of Reggie’s. Giving up and losing hope is the easy way out of the situation, and for King’s students the easy way was never an option. Stay safe and take care of yourselves and others, be the change in your communities and try to inspire those in need of support with your endurance, for a lion’s roar echoes for all to hear.