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Inaugural Lecture Series

Join us to celebrate a special milestone for our new professors
and hear about their inspiring career journeys.

Helen Collins & Mauro Giacca Inaugural Lecture Video - 26 October 2022

Professor Helen Collins - Immunology and Education: A game of two halves

Immunology hasn’t always been my thing! My very first lecture at University was on the genetics of the MHC – enough to put anyone off! However, I fell in love with the subject during my PhD studies and this lecture is my journey through researching Immunology across the world, eventually arriving at Kings. We will travel from the UK to the USA and Berlin, studying immune responses to various pathogens, bacteria, parasites, and yeasts, before arriving back in London at King's to study autoimmunity, all underpinned by the crucial element, Iron. All this in parallel with supporting my one true passion – Arsenal FC.

Professor Mauro Giacca - New therapies for the heart

My laboratory aims to develop new biological therapies for the heart. There is a tremendous need for these therapies: cardiac damage, such as myocardial infarction, kills cardiomyocytes that cannot either be protected or regenerated - as a consequence, heart failure has now epidemic proportions; inherited cardiac diseases, including those leading to sudden death or requiring cardiac transplantation, are frequent and lethal. We identify novel biological leads (proteins, genes, RNAs) for cardiac regeneration and gene editing of mutations by systematic screenings, study their mechanisms of action, and develop the most effective molecules towards clinical studies. I am deeply convinced that future drugs in all fields of medicine will be based on genes and RNAs, which offer transformative possibilities for therapy and cure.

Geeta Hampson & Alexandra Santos Inaugural Lecture Video - 28 September 2022

Professor Geeta Hampson - The intricate path to healthy bones

Professor Geeta Hampson will describe her research interests in bone, calcium, and phosphate metabolism and her clinical work in managing metabolic bone disorders such as osteoporosis and renal bone disease. She will review the many factors which control and regulate bone metabolism and how these can be modulated to maintain bone health. She will also talk about her involvement, more recently, in undergraduate medical education. Her lecture will include acknowledgements to students, trainees and colleagues who have contributed and supported her journey in becoming a Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Bone Metabolism.

Professor Alexandra Santos - Improving food allergy diagnosis and our understanding of the immune response to food allergens

Most children with IgE antibodies to a specific food are not food allergic. To diagnose food allergy, IgE function is better than IgE titers. IgE characteristics that determine its function can be measured individually or altogether in the basophil activation test (BAT) or the mast cell activation test (MAT). BAT and MAT assess whether basophils or mast cells, cells involved in food allergic reactions, react to allergens in vitro. They are superior to IgE testing and can reduce the patients undergoing food challenges, which carry the risk of inducing allergic reactions, making food allergy diagnosis more comfortable and precise for patients. BAT and MAT are also a tool to explore the mechanisms of food allergy and oral tolerance to find novel targets for a definitive treatment of food allergy. 

Adam Fox Inaugural Lecture Video - 22 January 2020

Food allergy - six approaches to a problem

Professor Adam Fox, School of Life Course Sciences, will discuss his involvement in food allergy as a researcher, clinician, guideline developer, medical education and public engagement. He will reflect on what the future holds for children with food allergies and the increasing provision of services and treatment for sufferers.

Brian Stramer Inaugural Lecture Video - 22 January 2020

On the importance of basic cell biology with unknown translational impact

Professor Brian Stramer, School of Basic & Medical Biosciences, will discuss the impact of cell migration in embryogenesis and how it can play a role in pathologies such as cancer. He will demonstrate how the use of how Drosophila embryonic macrophages can be used in research to understand the mechanisms and functions of cell migration during embryogenesis.

Carsten Flohr Inaugural Lecture Video - 8 January 2020

Worms, germs, eczema and beyond

Professor Carsten Flohr, School of Basic & Medical Biosciences, will take you on a journey to Vietnam where he examined the impact of gut parasites on the risk of developing eczema and allergies. He will also talk about a breastfeeding promotion trial in Belarus and how eczema can cause food allergies through the skin. Furthermore, Carsten will show recent findings of his group on how exposure to domestic hard water can lead to eczema in infancy and on the role of the gut and skin microbiome in the disease. Finally, he will introduce some of the exciting new eczema treatments that are coming through trials into clinical practice.

Sophia Karagiannis Inaugural Lecture Video - 8 January 2020

Monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy: insights from human immunity

Hear from Professor Sophia Karagiannis, School of Basic & Medical Biosciences, who will discuss her team’s work in unravelling previously-unappreciated mechanisms that prevent the immune system from launching effective antibodies to eradicate tumours, and how these insights inform the design of new therapeutic antibodies which are able to recruit immune cells against tumours.

Alastair Baker Inaugural Lecture Video - 08 January 2020

Counsels and maxims: the wisdom of life? 

Professor Alastair Baker explores the narratives of research, clinical and non-clinical models that have influenced his development in the field of medicine.

Yacoub Khalaf Inaugural Lecture Video - 08 January 2020

The journey from sex without reproduction, to reproduction without sex 

Professor Yacoub Khalaf will discuss contraception, assisted conception and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Tim Jackson Inaugural Lecture Video - 19 October 2019

The battle against retinal blindness: man versus machine

Hear from Professor Tim Jackson, School of Life Course Sciences, on how his research is tackling retinal blindness and disease using novel techniques.

Bijan Moderai Inaugural Lecture Video - 19 October 2019

Repair, reline, regenerate: linking translational research & vascular surgery

Hear from Professor Bijan Modarai, School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences, on his strategies for the management of patients with diseases affecting the blood vessels.

Baba Inusa Inaugural Lecture Video - 25 September 2019

A multi-dimensional approach to sickle cell disease

Hear from Baba Inusa, School of Life Course Sciences, on his strategies to improve diagnosis and care for patients with sickle cell disease worldwide.

Jo Howard Inaugural Lecture Video - 25 September 2019

Improving sickle cell outcomes from the capital to the country

Hear from Jo Howard, School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences, discuss her research to improve the outcomes of sickle cell disease for patients across the country, specifically in South East London.