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The King’s vision is to make the world a better place through excellence in teaching, research and service to society. Our themed Faculty campaigns showcase different ways we are working to achieve that vision, on a local and global scale.

Fitness Campaign (#FitforKings)

In the run up to National #FitnessDay on Wednesday 20 September 2023, we are shining a light on different aspects of research and activity across the Faculty that relate to fitness, supporting our staff, our students and the wider community to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

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Parastronauts in space: what a new space programme can tell us about the way we think of disability

The European Space Agency has been pioneering a new programme for sending parastronauts – astronauts with a physical disability – into space. In support of this programme, Dr Irene Di Giulio has been leading investigations into the physiological foundations for a parastronaut programme in space. But what could a space mission tell us about disability and fitness on Earth?

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The oldest rugby club in the world: Guy's Hospital Rugby Football Club

As part of our #FitForKings campaign we wanted to shine a light on the GKT Rugby Club, a founding club of the RFU and recognised as the oldest rugby club in the world.

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The need for further research into female athletes in sports research

Female athletes are underrepresented in all areas of medical research, particularly sports research. There is little female-specific data that would inform the training, rehab, prehab and exercise protocols for women athletes – and all guidelines are currently based on data based on male athletes.

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Virtual Reality

The potential for Virtual Reality in Sports Rehabilitation

The possible applications of Virtual Reality (‘VR’) have received significant media attention, especially in the video game sector, but lately there has been increasing interest in how it can be used in digital healthcare.

Victoria Reboredo, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Teaching Fellow, discusses the emerging use and potential role for Virtual Reality (VR) in sports rehabilitation.

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Tour de France (1)

From Microdosing to Designer Steroids: Uncovering how athletes cheat in the 21st century

Many prominent athletes to have been caught cheating by doping in recent years. For the campaign we were able to speak with Dr Rodrigo Aguilera, Principal Analyst in the Drug Control Centre, who details the methods competitors use to take performance enhancing drugs in the 21st century.

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Nutrition 101

Spotlight on nutrition: Research into the impacts of our diets

King’s has been an epicentre for nutritional sciences. Perhaps you’ve read one of Professor Tim Spector’s articles, or read the latest recipe book from Dr Megan Rossi, but our research goes way beyond suggesting what you should eat.

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Middle aged couple running

How exercise helps prevent cancer and leads to improved outcomes post-diagnosis

Dr Louis Fox discusses the benefits of exercise in cancer prevention, and how exercise can even benefit cancer patients post-diagnosis.

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Physical activity and cancer - what role does exercise have post-diagnosis?


Exercise and ageing well - what does physical activity do to our body as we get older?

King's Sport Physios - Debunking the myths of back pain

Harriet from King's Sport tells us about the importance of mobility and flexibility

Kristian from King's Sport provides us with his fitness hints and tips

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