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Clinical Genetics


Academic Lead(s):
Professor Tim Hubbard
Dr Melita Irving

Clinical Genetics has a track record of running IAT training posts for a number of years and with this experience, we are able to well integrate the posts alongside the clinical training programme. Our programme is an established training known as the PanThames scheme and we have links with the Division of Genetics & Molecular Medicine. We have extensive experience in joint supervision and training and will provide direct exposure to innovative research and translational medicine through new genetic technologies. As part of your training programme, we encourage collaboration with other specialities such as Cancer/Oncology, UK Twin Registry and St John’s Institute of Dermatology.

Through our established association with the BRC and Genomics England, the trainee will have exposure to the use of new genetic technologies and the potential translational aspects of research outputs in clinical practice. Trainees will be provided with research opportunities in Complex disease molecular pathogenesis, cancer genetics, epigenetics and imprinting, bioinformatics and genetics of skin disease.

As part of the specialist training the following will be covered: diagnostic genomics, general genetics and dysmorphology, cancer genetics, prenatal diagnosis and preimplantation diagnosis. Trainees will also be provided with the opportunity to be involved in specialist multidisciplinary clinics e.g., skeletal dysplasia, neurogenetics, cardiac genetics, renal genetics and metabolic disorders. We have a growing portfolio of clinical trials in rare diseases that the trainee will have exposure to as well.

About the IAT programme

About the IAT programme

The King's College London NIHR-funded Integrated Academic Training programme allows medical and…