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03 November 2021

King's researchers share expertise as part of the COP26 global climate change summit

Experts on climate change, wildfires, adaptation and climate law are participating in events at the COP26 meeting.

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Experts from King’s are sharing their expertise on climate change, wildfires, adaptation and climate law through participating in initiatives at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Researchers from King’s are speaking at events in the Blue Zone, where world leaders are negotiating joint targets and action to reduce carbon emissions to net zero, and the Green Zone, which is open to all audiences, including the public.

The events (see below for details) include panel discussions involving Dr Tamsin Edwards, Reader in Climate Change, related to her work with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, as well as her role as an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) lead author.

Other King’s researchers present at the summit in Glasgow and taking part in activities include Professor Martin Wooster, Professor of Earth Observation Science, Kat Thorne, Director of Sustainability, Dr Megan Bowman, Director of Climate Law and Governance Centre, Dr Kris De Meyer, a researcher in the psychology of climate change, and PhD students, Rachel Harrington-Abrams and Jone de Roode Jauregui.

Dr Simon Chin-Yee, a researcher in climate change in Africa, is attending as part of his work with the ClimateDev Network of Nigeria. Meanwhile, Dr Grace Souza, a researcher in climate change in Brazil, is attending as part of her work with Indigenous Delegations.

Dr Helen Adams will also be at COP26 in the role of Head of Science Engagement for the Cabinet Office.

Dr Tom Matthews, who joins King’s Department of Geography later this month, is attending as part of his work on extreme environments, including an 2019 expedition to Everest, at an event with the National Geographic

King’s is also actively collaborating with the higher education sector as part of its involvement with COP26 Universities Network – a growing group of more than 80 UK-based universities and research centres working together to raise ambition for tangible outcomes from the summit.

King’s is committed to addressing climate change, through its climate change community, which includes over 100 researchers, and has committed to be net zero carbon by 2025. The university also announced in March this year that it has fully divested from all fossil fuels, almost two years ahead of target.

King's at COP26 events

Fires from space: Ask the experts: Professor Martin Wooster and other members of the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society will be taking over the Space4Climateb stand in the Green Zone on 9 November. Find out more

UN COP26 Fringe events: Dr Adriana Ford from the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society is a panellist every Thursday evening at the UN Cop26 Fringe events, speaking on the various goals for the summit. Find out more

Chatham House at COP26: Dr Kris De Meyer is a speaker as part of Chatham House’s online activities, including a talk on policy pathways from climate risk to policy action. Find out more

EU Polar Cluster session panel event — COP26 European Union side events: Dr Tamsin Edwards is an panellist on the talk, ‘Polar warming, global warming’ on 3 November. Find out more

Science Pavilion – Blue Zone: Dr Tamsin Edwards is a panellist on the talk, ‘The future of the ocean and cryosphere in our hands’ on 6 November. Find out more

Arctic Basecamp – Federated Hermes Fringe Festival, Skypark: Dr Tamsin Edwards is a panellist on the talk, Climate risk and tipping points in the polar regions’ on 8 November. Find out more

UK Pavilion – Blue Zone: Dr Tamsin Edwards is chairing the talk, ‘Inclusion is key: How gender equality improves science, tech and innovation for climate action’ on 9 November. Watch the livestream

Climate science at the top of the world – National Geographic and Rolex perpetual planet expeditions: Dr Tom Matthews is speaking after the screening of ‘Expedition Everest’ and is a panellist on the talk, ‘Why conducting science in the most extreme environments is important in understanding our changing world.’ Find out more

King's COP26-related events

King’s is holding several of its own COP26-related activities. This includes a podcast exploring the ideas, issues and debates affecting the success of the summit, and a series of blogs from our experts.

Find out more about Climate at King's

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Kris De Meyer

Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer

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Senior Lecturer in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Grace Souza

King's Brazil Institute Fellow