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13 May 2020

Winners announced for the 2020 Researcher-Artist Collaborations

The Visual and Embodied Methodologies Network is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Researcher-Artist Collaborations.



  • Ivana Bevilacqua (Geography): ‘Puzzling: Fragmenting infrastructure, assembling existence’
  • Mary Ann Vargas (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies): ‘Songs as re-enactments of belonging’
  • Tiffany Fairey (War Studies): ‘The home stay exhibitions. Exploring Rwandan models of visual peacebuilding'
  • Andrea Espinoza Carvajal (International Development): ‘Portraying one and many lives. Indigenous women beyond their representation as figures of resistance and social protest'
  • Rosa dos Ventos Lopes Heimer (Geography): ‘Stitching voices, stitching bodies: Latin American survivors mapping coloniality, violence and resistance’

Funded by King’s Together, the 2020 Researcher-Artist Collaborations are led by Jelke Boesten (International Development), Rachel Kerr (War Studies), Cathy McIlwaine (Geography) and Jayne Peake (The Exchange).


The projects will be showcased in three iterations on the curated website of the Arts Cabinet.