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Dr Colin Jennings did his PhD at Southampton University, a masters at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario and his undergraduate at Queen’s University Belfast. Before DPE he was a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Strathclyde University, a college lecturer at Queen's College, Oxford University and a lecturer at Portsmouth University.

He is a co-editor for the National Institute Economic Review.

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Colin's research area is Political Economics. Within this broad area his work splits into two branches. The first looks at conflict and the second at political competition and voting behaviour in stable constitutional democracies. 

Themes in his work are the sources of individual motivation (for example instrumental or expressive) in collective action, the heterogeneity of preferences (for example moderate or extreme) that are typically available when determining the political position taken by groups and how motivation and heterogeneity of political preferences interact under different institutional arrangements and the implications of this for social welfare.


Colin teaches the following undergraduate modules:

PhD Supervision

Colin is interested in offering supervision to students focusing on the following broad areas:

  • Political economics, in particular, individual choice in collective action settings
  • Conflict explored from an economic perspective
  • Various branches of public sector economics