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Facilities A-Z list

Research facilities at King's College London


Facility for radionuclide production and radiochemistry for pre-clinical applications.

CCRB Scanco Micro-Computed-Tomography Scanner (micro-CT)

The micro-CT scanner uses X-rays to obtain high-resolution 3D images of small specimens from 3 mm to 45 mm in diameter and up to 450 mm in length.

Centre for Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Centre for Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Chemistry Research Facility

The Chemistry Research Facility offers analytical services, including both Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). The instruments included in the service are a Q-TOF HRMS, GCMS and 400 MHz NMR spectrometer all managed by specialist instrument technicians. Applications for these instruments span from routine analysis, such as accurate mass measurements and structural characterisation, to more bespoke applications available on request. For more information, please reach out to discuss your research needs.


Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging


e-Research main page that displays what is available for users within the King’s research community. e-Research has been implemented to support the ever-increasing use of specialist computing hardware and methodologies in research across a wide range of academic disciplines.

ExoViewR200 - James Black Centre

The ExoviewR200 facility allow users the sensitive detection & characterization of extracellular vesicles and viruses, including exosomes and lentiviruses. The fully automated platform provides comprehensive measurements for particles; size analysis, concentration, phenotype, and biomarker colocalization.

Gene Editing and Embryology Core (GEEC)

The Facility provides state-of-the art support for any projects involving genome editing, the creation of transgenic animals, and general mouse embryology and assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Gene Therapy Vector Facility (GTVF)

The Kings College London Gene Therapy Vector Facility (GTVF) is a state-of-the-art facility established to support the scientific community in their delivery of the latest cutting-edge gene therapies into the clinic. We offer both infrastructure and insight into complex clinical development which allows us to offer our partners more than just a viral vector, but end-to-end support across production, quality, process development, regulatory submissions and anything else our clients may need on the road to the clinic.

Haematology Biobank

The Haematology Biobank is based at the Rayne Institute, part of the Denmark Hill Campus of King’s College London.

London Centre for Nanotechnology @ King's

A multidisciplinary enterprise operating at the forefront of science and technology. Solving global problems in information processing, healthcare, energy and the environment through the application of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

London Metallomics Facility

The London Metallomics Facility (LMF) is a King’s College London core research facility, providing the analytical tools to understand the critical roles that metals play in biology.

Microscopy Innovation Centre

The Microscopy Innovation Centre promotes the development and uptake of cutting edge optical microscopy methods for biological imaging.

Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Users Facility

The Mitochondrial Bioenergetics user’s facility is housed in the Diabetes and Obesity Theme within the School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine & Sciences under the supervision of Dr Afshan Malik