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Busting myths about King’s Entrepreneurship Institute

King's students taking part in an activity at the Entrepreneurship Institute.

How many times have you seen the Entrepreneurship Institute at Bush House and walked past thinking entrepreneurship is just for those with a business idea in mind? 

How many opportunities to develop your employability skills have you missed out on due to myths and misconceptions?

The Entrepreneurship Institute is here to bust four common myths so that you can make the most out of what is on offer.  

Myth #1 Entrepreneurship is just for business students

Everyone can be entrepreneurial and there is no ‘one size fits all’ or ideal profile for being an entrepreneur. In an increasingly interconnected but challenging world, we need more entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders to imagine what could be. So, whether you’re a doctor, scientist, writer, nurse, neurologist, accountant or policy maker, entrepreneurial skills are relevant for your future. Students from all faculties and in all levels of study at King’s are welcome to join us. In fact, it’s when students from different perspectives come together that innovation really happens!

Myth #2 The Entrepreneurship Institute is a student society which you have to formally join

The Entrepreneurship Institute is one of King’s student services and our events, programmes and activities are open to all students. Everything that we offer is free of charge and designed to help you develop skills and ideas for your CVs, applications or future business ideas. To join, simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep up-to-date with our latest news and events. Sign-up to attend anything of interest, such as the Festival of Disruptive Thinking and London Venture Crawl

Myth #3 You need to have an idea/venture to engage

Entrepreneurship begins with exploration and is always an adventure of discovery. While we do offer some programmes and activities dedicated to helping you take your ideas further (Idea Factory, Women Entrepreneurs Network), you don’t always have to have an idea or a venture to get involved. Come and join us, and we will sharpen your entrepreneurship mindset focusing on seven skills

Myth #4 Entrepreneurship is just about starting a business and making money

While entrepreneurship does cover topics like business, start-ups and money, the truth is that it’s so much more. Entrepreneurship is about making a difference and impact in the world we live in. Entrepreneurs are driving social change, solving problems through innovation and creating a healthier, smarter, more equal and sustainable future for all of us. 

With those myths busted off, wait no more. Sign-up to our newsletter and let the adventure begin!