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About Us

Ever had a good idea?

A really good idea. One that you can’t stop thinking about and that lights a fire in your belly. You tell all your friends about it. It niggles in your brain and keeps you up at night. The kind that you know could make a difference in the world.

Here at the Entrepreneurship Institute we LOVE ideas. Big and small, of all shapes and sizes. Ideas that break down boundaries and challenge the way things have always been done, and those that are simply innovative solutions to everyday problems - but we also know that left on their own, they’ll remain just that. 

We talked to our community, tested our theories and discovered the key to transforming the raw energy of ideas into something real; skills. Entrepreneurial skills, like disrupting, reliance, validating, building teams and getting it done.

We want to show everyone at King’s, no matter who they are or who they want to be –nurses, lawyers, inventors, chefs, designers, start-up founders, beekeepers - the benefits of gaining entrepreneurial skills for solving problems and turning ideas into solutions. 

About Us

The Entrepreneurship Institute is the dedicated entrepreneurship hub within King’s College London. We work collaboratively with faculties, student societies and external partners.

The Entrepreneurship Institute carries the legacy of innovation at King's College London. For almost 200 years, King’s College London has been striving to improve the world. King’s has been bursting with talented, innovative and entrepreneurial people.

Since 1829, entrepreneurial thinkers at King's have been solving problems and innovating, from the discovery of DNA by Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin to the founding of modern nursing by Florence Nightingale, we see ourselves standing on the shoulders of some pretty big entrepreneurial giants!

Our vision

Our vision, in line with King’s Vision 2029, is for everyone within the King’s community to recognise the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset, develop entrepreneurial skills, and ultimately realise an entrepreneurial version of themselves.

An entrepreneurial mindset, which is based on tangible and transferable skills, will boost your employability and further your ambitions in any career, whether you want to grow a business or work in organisations helping to solve the world’s biggest challenges.


Our mission

Our mission is to work with students, staff and alumni to nurture entrepreneurial curiosity, to develop entrepreneurial skills and aspirations for creative problem solving, to help devise and progress disruptive ideas, as well as to start and scale ventures. At the Entrepreneurship Institute, we are investing in people and skills.