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Using student feedback to improve your experience

Three students giving feedback on their experience at King's.

An important part of your university experience is providing feedback and knowing what impact it can have. There are various ways we collect your feedback: surveys, module evaluations, through your student representatives, the King’s 100, focus groups, working groups, and through our colleagues in KCLSU, who each year run a range of campaigns to support your academic, social, professional and wellbeing interests.

King’s has been actively using student feedback to enhance the university experience. Thanks to your valuable input, several improvements have been implemented:

Accessing your course and campus information more easily

You told us that you want to access course and campus information in an easier, more intuitive way. You also said there were not enough study spaces on campus.

What we did

In 2019, we introducedStudent Services Online (SSO), your tool to finding answers to common questions and support topics. With its own search engine and chat bot, you can find the information you need about your studies and King’s in seconds.​

In 2022-23:

  • it has been viewed over 2.6 million times 
  • we resolved over 30,000 enquiries  
  • we increased the number of Knowledge Articles to more than 480

In September 2022, we launched the King’s Student App to put all your information on to your mobile device. Access to your timetable, KEATS, Student Records and Student News is now available in the palm of your hand. Since its launch, the app has been downloaded by more than 36,000 students.

We increased access to study spaces. In 2022, we launched the  Resource Booker, a feature that allows you to book rooms, giving you greater access to independent and group study space across our campuses. ​

We made access to timetables quicker and easier. You can now import your online timetable into your personal calendar.

Student Services Online was viewed over 2.6 million times in 2022-23 and resolved more than 30,000 enquiries. We also have now published more than 480 knowledge articles.
Student Services Online was viewed over 2.6 million times in 2022-23 and resolved more than 30,000 enquiries. We also have now published more than 480 knowledge articles.

Assessment regulation ​changes, mitigating circumstances improvements and extra assessment provision for disabled students

You told us we could reduce pressure and enhance wellbeing around assessment and that the Mitigating Circumstances Process could be improved. You also mentioned that there should be more support for disabled students.

What we did

  • We revised our late submission regulation so you are not automatically capped at the pass mark if submitting coursework after the deadline.
  • We revised our Mitigating Circumstances Process, making evidence requirements clearer and more proportionate.
  • We also introduced a new seven-day course work extension, offered to all disabled students under the Personalised Assessments Arrangements (PAA) scheme​. We expanded the consideration of disability in marking to all King’s faculties and neurodiverse students​ and we increased pre-diagnosis support and staffing resource for students with mental health conditions​.

Prioritising your wellbeing​ 

King's Student Wellbeing written on a series of interconnected circles of different colours against a white background.

You reiterated how important it is for us to support your wellbeing and you requested improvements in counselling accessibility and further focus on student mental health.

What we did

  • We have reduced the average wait times for first appointments with our counselling service​ to under two weeks. In October 2023, the average wait time was 12 days, compared to 21 in 2021.
  • Post-pandemic, we have continued to offer online sessions alongside in- person appointments for counselling and mental health support. This has increased the flexibility of appointment times available, including out-of-hours and weekend sessions, for those who need or prefer them i.e. students studying on placement, online courses, or with caring responsibilities. We also aim to ensure that you are seen by someone who is best suited to your needs. You can request support from a more diverse team of counsellors based on LGBTQ+, gender, ethnicity and spoken language criteria.
  • We created our Student Wellbeing Team, which offers workshops, appointments and a wellbeing e-module, as well as our Winter Buddies and Global Lounge programmes to help students combat loneliness over the holidays.
  • We introduced our Support for Study process, so you receive better and earlier support for your studies if you need it.
  • We’ve started providing Sunflower Lanyards to support those with hidden disabilities.

Cost of Living Support

We have responded to the Cost of Living crisis through a number of measures.

  • We enhanced our advice and support provision surrounding your finance, we introduced a range of offers and discountsavailable at King’s Food and KCLSU food outlets. Across 2021-22 and 2022-23, King’s has offered financial support to over 8,500 students.
  • We recruited a team of Money Mentors who work with our Money & Housing Advice Service to support students who might be facing financial difficulty.
  • We arranged free Community Breakfasts as part of our Welcome activity in September 2023, providing students with a free breakfast to start the day and a chance to meet new people.
  • King’s now provides free sanitary products in all female, gender neutral and accessible toilets.

Enhancing campus safety

You told us that feeling safe on campus was a priority.

What we did

  • We provided all students the opportunity to take Consent Matters: Boundaries, Respect and Positive Intervention training as part of their enrolment activity. Since September 2023, over 14,000 students have completed the three training modules. 
  • We introduced our Report & Support process, designed to make your campus inclusive, respectful and safe. Whether you have experienced or witnessed what you think may be inappropriate behaviour, you can report it to King’s to discuss options for support and possible action, and access support information about specialist services.
  • We introduced our SafeZone app that assists students managing their personal safety on campus. It can help you manage risks related to lone-working, obtain first aid and assist with evacuation.
  • KCLSU’s Stop the Music Campaign worked to increase safety measures at Guy’s Bar Sports Nights.

Personal and professional development

You told us that you wanted further support for your personal and professional development.

What we did

  • In 2023-24, we have offered a Career Insights programme for final year undergraduates still unsure about their next steps, with a focus on students from traditionally underrepresented groups within UK Higher Education.
  • In January 2023, we partnered with CareerSet, a comprehensive CV checker powered by AI that provides you with instant personalised feedback. Your CV will receive an overall score with targeted suggestions on how it can be improved.
  • In September 2022 we launched, a free video interview service. This allows you to record an interview, gain feedback and work through reflective questions to improve your performance.
  • Since October 2023, our Careers & Employability Team have been able to use your career readiness data to identify which stage of your career journey you are in (Discover, Focus or Action) and offer tailored support through their communications.
  • We launched our free Generative AI in Higher Education online course to support your studies. The course introduces you to the foundational concepts, some of the big debates and issues, and applications of generative AI to teaching, learning and assessment practices. 
  • In 2023, we ran our first King’s Edge Festivals, a series of events held over several weeks promoting our range of free extracurricular activities and events available to all students. The festivals seek to inspire and enrich your university experience, improve your wellbeing, strengthen your connections and support your professional and personal development and employability.

Investing in your campuses

Every year we continue to make significant improvements and investments in your campuses.

Over the last few years we have:


So many of these changes have been enabled by students getting involved and providing their feedback through various channels and opportunities. We hope you will continue to share your experiences so we can continue to make improvements and make your time at King’s even better.