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Student Engagement

Student Engagement Internships

The King’s Learning Institute works to enhance teaching and learning within King’s College London and promote research into higher education within and beyond the College.

A focus of the King’s Learning Institute is on enhancing the student experience, promoting student engagement and the learning experiences and engagement within and beyond formal academic settings, how students learn in different disciplinary settings and how students experience textual and visual practices.

A major focus for this year is on improving assessment and feedback at King’s. These internships revolve around various project activities.

Main role- tasks, responsibilities, areas of exposure;

  • Assist with research, including interviews, focus groups and observation, and provide ideas and design outputs for enhancements for assessment and feedback at King’s
  • Develop, and potentially deliver, pilot projects and initiatives with staff and students
  • Qualitative data analysis of anonymised student comments from the National Student Survey (NSS) and the King’s Student Survey (KSS)
  • Progress and enhance the agenda for inclusive assessment and feedback, particularly for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students and students with disabilities.
  • Bring ideas on including and improving the use of technology in assessment and feedback
 Current Opportunities

There are no internships available currently.





Past Intern Testimonies

"The King’s Experience Internship is an incredible experience, exposing you to how the university functions as a whole and offering a real sense of perspective across departments and schools. The project allows you to meet a wide range of students and help them voice their concerns, as well as offering the chance for you to address the issues you feel are important and make real positive change. In addition, the skills gained are invaluable. The internship allows you improve research and analysis skills, as well as facilitating other aspects personal development such as confidence and communication skills. Finally, the experience is a great chance to work with other like-minded students in a relaxed yet stimulating environment".


"The reason I applied for KEI was that I wanted to expand on my analytical skills and to be involved in the university life in other ways than simply being a student. In the end, I can say that I gained a lot more than that. Doing the internship was in the first place a very interesting and fun project which enabled me to meet students from very different parts of the university than mine. Secondly, it is a fulfilling work and "making a difference" is not an empty place and you really can contribute to making improvements at King's. Last but not least, I would like to emphasize the great leadership provided to us by our supervisor Camille - we were given a lot of independence and autonomy in our project, but she firmly pointed us in the right direction at times and never failed to make herself available and helpful. I recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in and cares about King's College and is looking for a meaningful complimentary activity to his/her studies. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I assure any students interested in applying that it is time and effort well spent". 


"My time with King’s Experience was one of the highlights of my time at the university. The chance to be part of a project that has great potential to improve student experience is truly rewarding and I am so grateful to have contributed to it. It was a unique learning experience as I delved into qualitative research and worked alongside my peers under the guidance of our incredible mentor Camille. The working environment was ideal for me, as I was able to juggle my academic work and my commitment to this project. It was an eye-opening experience because we shared stories about our time at King’s and got a taste of the behind the scenes life of the college. For anyone looking to make a difference for future generations at the university and gain a unique type of experience, this is the place".  


"Being a part of the King's Experience team was definitely an eye-opener. I'm a third year student but have never been exposed to much of the college outside of Medicine. I’m so glad I got to be a part of the team, sharing experiences with students from other schools and working on ways we could make our time at King's even better".


"The King’s Experience Internship was - as the name suggests- a wonderful experience for me and a great opportunity to get an even greater insight in higher education. The reason I applied was not only because I thought I was able to strengthen my research and analytical skills, but also because it was important for me to contribute to improvements at King’s in terms of the teaching and learning opportunities we have. Improvements at King’s will not be feasible if students are excluded from the decision making processes and hence, in order to come to a genuine progress, opinions of students need platforms to be voiced and heard. From previous experiences I learnt that working together and as a team is indispensable to maketremendous improvements and changes possible and this internship has not disappointed me in this respect; it was certainly an honour for me to meet, work and exchange ideas with other students from different academic backgrounds since it was possible to learn from one another and expand our horizons. It was amazing that this internship was really about us students and about how we could possibly make an impact at the university by being asked about our opinions and raising research questions we thought are most important to students. I would certainly encourage every students to apply for this internship, especially when you are interested in students being able to shape the university environment they are studying and - to a great extent - living in. Last but definitely not least I am very,very grateful that this opportunity was given to me and would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who made this great experience feasible".  


"The King's Experience Internship was a fantastic opportunity for me to engage with students in other disciplines and gain a better understanding of the wider student experience at King's. I was able to engage in interesting debate about topics concerning students and voice my own opinion about what can be done to make things better. I was also able to develop my research and evaluation skills by holding focus interviews. I enjoyed working with the other interns, learning from them and being part of a process for change. Many thanks to Camille Kandiko for being an amazing mentor. I felt supported at all times of this internship and would recommend it to every student at King's".


"As an intern with the King's Experience Project I was able to analyse student feedback from a number of different sources and then elicit student responses to these preliminary findings in focus groups. This allowed us to then, as a group, hone in on the areas that King’s excels in and also to develop practical solutions to address some of the concerns raised. Having students at the centre of this process was vital and seemed to make all the difference particularly because the final report was received well by the Vice-Principal for Education (amongst others). My hope is that the subsequent interns can build upon this work and that student engagement will remain at the heart of this research into student satisfaction".


"I first came to know about King’s Experience through the King’s Experience Awards booklet I came across at the start of the year. This initiative struck me as an invaluable opportunity for students to develop beyond their formal academic studies and is also a timely reminder of the importance of a holistic education. Thus, this internship represents a unique opportunity for me to work and contribute in a project that I have strong belief and support for. It was very meaningful to have the chance to work with my peers to enhance the community for which we belong. Working with the King’s Experience team had been thoroughly enjoyable and extremely insightful. This internship has also provided numerous opportunities to apply and sharpen my existing skills while acquiring new ones. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in enhancing student experience at King’s!".

Yin Wai

"I would recommend this internship to students for a variety of reasons. It has been a great experience for me in terms of developing the skills that are now much sought after from employers, as well as feeling that I made a lasting and beneficial impact during the course of my internship. The internship placed me in a team of 3 other interns and this was great in allowing me to make new friends and become more comfortable in working collaboratively in a team environment. From day one, I was working on a wide variety of important projects for the KE such as analysis of student feedback, to aiding in the development of the KEATS awards platform. Whereas in some internships, the intern may feel that they are not contributing much to the company other than doing the tea round, at KE this is definitely not the case. For student looking to learn and develop a variety of transferable skills and improve their confidence in their abilities, then this is certainly something that they should consider applying for, especially in today’s competitive jobs market. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at KE and will be sad to leave the friendly, warm work environment that has been fostered by the great people there".


"The opportunity to undertake an internship with King’s Experience was a great way to gain an insight into issues surrounding higher education and university administration. By participating in focus groups and discussions I also got a chance to have an input and comment on new projects and ideas developed by the management to enhance the student experience at King’s. I believe the internship has made a great addition to my cv as it has allowed me to develop skills such as team work and data collection and analysis. Furthermore it has been great to meet and work with fellow students from different departments and compare our views and experiences at King’s. This has helped me understand the college and student expectations more, which has been incredibly interesting".


"I applied to take part in this internship because I wanted to do something that was worthwhile and get paid for it. This internship was perfect as I was able to use my time to try and enhance the student experience, and give back to Kings. I found it interesting to read about how other students described their university experience, especially those from my course. Every week we completed various tasks such as analysing survey data and comments from students, giving our opinions on the KEATS platform and the new Kings Awards. It was great to know that our opinions and ideas mattered and were valued. The internship was flexible which made it easy to fit around other summer plans and I got to know three other friendly interns from other courses!"


"As a biosciences student, this internship was a great opportunity to develop skills such as qualitative analysis. An internship with the King's Experience is particularly good as it gives you the opportunity to engage with students from all backgrounds within the University and provided you with an inside look of how King's is working to improve student engagement. This internship will be a great addition to my CV and has allowed me to develop new skills and to actively be involved in ongoing research to improve the student experience at King's".


 “I decided to apply for an internship because I had no direct work experience in either research or management, and I felt that working to improve the student experience at King’s would be an enjoyable way for me to develop in these key areas. I have hugely enjoyed working as part of the team, especially because the activities vary from week to week, which provides us with opportunities to develop many different skills. It also means that we can quickly see results from each project that we undertake, which is rewarding!”


 “I decided to apply for this internship, because I wanted to further develop my research, management and analytical skills for future employment in higher education. I also felt the need to voice some of the current student opinions and experiences at King’s about the existing curriculum and how this can be improved to meet the student requirements; and by taking part in this internship enabled me to do so. I have truly enjoyed working with the Kings’ Learning Institute and the team; not only because it has taught me many transferable skills, but also because it was really nice to see our opinions being taken into consideration when designing the awards and modules and was acted upon.”


 ''I found the internship an appealing opportunity for several reasons. It has allowed me to get some first-hand experience with organization and communication within the academic system. The activities I engaged with were new to me – it is likely that I would have never had a chance to get to know this side of university had I stuck to my field of studies. It did help me to get involved with King's to a different, intense degree. Especially, I have learnt valuable skills and developed those I felt I had already, applying them to new contexts. I found the internship very well organised too: the activities varied every week, there was always something different to work on but nothing was left behind incomplete. I appreciated that the time schedule allowed freedom to pick up suitable shifts or to work at home. Finally, it was reassuring to be able to do these things in a relaxed, entertaining environment appositely thought to provide working experience – it was my first paid job and I could not have wished for anything better.''


"I was attracted to the internship as it encourages the progression and evolution of King’s College on the basis of the student voice. I see this as an extremely valuable way of developing the student's experience and have enjoyed contributing, albeit in a small way, to the future success of the college. The wealth of different tasks within the role also appealed to me as an exciting opportunity to improve valuable skills in a unique environment. Meeting and working with other students from different academic backgrounds, for example Biomedical Sciences, has undoubtedly been beneficial in enabling us to share our ideas in working towards an objective. It was also been rewarding to experience the different stages of the project, whilst seeing the results of our teamwork. This internship has also been the perfect opportunity for me to gain experience working in a research and communication role whilst remaining committed to my coursework and module requirements."




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