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Postgraduate Research Students

PhD students from The Dickson Poon School of Law pose for a photograph on the terrace of Somerset House.

PhD students from The Dickson Poon School of Law on the terrace of Somerset House after the The 10th Annual International Graduate Legal Research Conference. Photo: David Tett.

There are more than 100 postgraduate law research students registered in The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London. Some of our current students and their research areas are featured below.

All students are provided with a personal profile on King's Research Portal.

You can also read testimonials from PhD researchers past and present on our PhD study pages.

FirstnameSurnameResearch areaWorking title of thesis
Adrienne Yong EU Law, EU citizenship, EU fundamental rights, Euroscepticism, Eurocrisis, legitimacy, solidarity. The rise and decline of fundamental rights protection in European Union citizenship case law
Alice Wambui Macharia Human Rights Law. Exploring the conflicting state's duty to secure children's Right to family life and punishing the care giver: the way forward.
Althaf Marsoof Intellectual Property, Trademark protection, Internet Intermediaries, Omissions, Accessorial Liability, Injunctions. Holding Internet Intermediaries accountable for infringements of trademark rights: Approaches and challenges
Amanda Spalding Human rights, immigration, criminalisation, ECHR. Moving Beyond Criminalisation: The Treatment of Immigrants in the European Court of Human Rights
Anju Christine  Lingham Feminism, sociology of law, sexual violence, violence against women, caste, identity politics. Theorising sexual violence in India: a study on feminist politics in India
Arthur Guerra Filho Political finance; party funding; campaign finance; competition law. The relationship between political finance and competition laws
Christy Burzio Competition Compliance Mercy Retribution Deterrence Company. A normative analysis of deterrence, retribution and mercy: a case study of corporate compliance programme sentencing within EU competition laws
Costanza Porro Political and Legal Philosophy. Equality and Punishment: a Social Egalitarian Perspective
Davide Sardo EU Law; Financial regulation; Economic and Monetary Union; Differentiated integration; Euro crisis; Banking Union. From Union to 'patchwork'? A study on differentiated integration in the Economic and Monetary Union
Diane Bugeja Mis-selling; investor protection; standard form contracts An analysis of the UK commercial retail investor protection framework regulating the sale of complex investment products: the case of commercial retail investors
Emma Perot Intellectual property law, publicity, image, personality, identity, privacy Should the UK introduce proprietary image protection?
Ermioni Xanthopoulou European Arrest Warrant, Dublin System, Proportionality, EU fundamental rights, Mutual Trust Impact and Limits of the Principle of Proportionality on Mutual Trust in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Esmé Shirlow International dispute settlement; public international law Deference to Domestic Judicial and Policy Decisions in the International Adjudication of State Acts Affecting Private Property Rights
Estelle Marks European Arrest Warrant, Policing, Extradition, Transnational Policing, Mutual Recognition The European Arrest Warrant as a Transnational Policing Tool
Eva Klambauer Social policy, sex work, legal consciousness, social marginalisation, political mobilisation, feminist legal scholarship Sex work, regulation and political mobilisation - Mapping the interdependent relationship between legal regulation of sex work and political mobilisation in England and Wales and New South Wales in Australia
Ezequiel  Monti Legal Philosophy, Normativity of Law, Authority, Obligation, Accountability, Second-Personal Reasons  Legal and Moral Obligations
Ferya Taş Çifçi Honour based violence, gender and law, feminist legal studies, human rights, criminal law, criminology. Honour Killings: Social and Legal Challenges in Turkey 
Florian  NITU Transnational, commercial, arbitration, European Union, public policy. EU internal market as public policy imperative in international commercial arbitration
George Bugeja Basel Accords; Banking; Financial Regulatory Laws; Transnational Regulatory Laws; Law and Economics. Dealing With The Failure Of Regulatory Convergence In International Financial Regulation: The Case Of The Basel Accords
Gian Marco  Galletti EU Law, competition, State aid, market economy, public/private divide, infrastructure funding. The classification of infrastructure funding as State aid
Ioanna Hadjiyianni Environmental law, climate change, extraterritoriality, EU constitutional and administrative law, WTO law. The EU as a Global Regulatory Power through Internal Environmental Measures with Extraterritorial Implications
Justin Koo Copyright, intellectual property, communication to the public, CTP, IP. What is the proper scope of the communication to the public right in EU copyright law?
Justin  SW Yang International criminal law; Sharia Law; ICC. The Incorporation of Domestic Legal Pluralism in International Criminal Law to Bridge Western Traditions with Islamic Legal Systems
Kirsten Roberts National Human Rights Institutions; effectiveness. National human rights institutions:  a new approach to defining and improving effectiveness
Li Yang Data protection, China, Comparative law. Regulating data processing in online  advertising industry: A comparative study of data protection law in China, the EU and the US
Luigi Lonardo EU Law - CFSP - Diplomacy - EU external relations - International Relations. The law of EU diplomacy
Luke  Danagher Normative theory, criminalization, cartel law, competition, criminal. A normative theory of cartel harm 
Maria  Kendrick Brexit, European Union integration, differentiation, harmonisation, enhanced cooperation and opt-outs, Financial Transaction Tax. Mechanisms Of Differentiated Integration In Europe Considering Specifically The Treaty Provisions On Closer Cooperation And The Opt-Outs Of The United Kingdom.
Maria Laura  Marceddu EU investment agreements, Investment Arbitration, ISDS, TTIP. The international investment policy and law of the European Union
Mathilde Crépin  International Refugee Law- International Human Rights Interpreting the notion of persecution in the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees through the development of international human rights 
Maziar  Homayounnejad Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Arms Control, Approaches to International Law, Autonomous Weapons, Artificial Intelligence. International Humanitarian Law and Arms Control Aspects of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems
Min  Yan Company Law, Corporate Governance, Corporate Objective, Shareholder Wealth Maximisation, Stakeholder Theory, Chinese Companies. Corporate Objective and Stakeholder Protection in China
Mohammad  Nayyeri International Law, Human Rights, Philosophy, Legal Theory. Making Sense of Human Rights Through International Practice
Mona  Pinchis International law, legal history, investment law, trade law, WTO, fair and equitable treatment. The Life and Death (and Re-Birth) of "Fair” and “Equitable Treatment:” A Historical Examination of Twentieth Century International Trade and Investment Law Treaty-Making and Political Decision-Making. 
Napoleon Xanthoulis EU Law, European Central Bank, Eurozone, Economic and Monetary Policy, Eurogroup, European Stability Mechanism, Banking Union. The nature of Eurozone's lawmaking and its constitutional implications
Natalie Pratt Common-property, property theory, community entitlement. The accommodation of limited-access common-property in a private property system.
Niccolò Ridi Precedent, International Dispute Settlement, Public International Law, Proliferation. The Role of Precedent in International Dispute Settlement
Paz Irarrazabal Gonzalez Discrimination, policing, public order, political theory. Equality in the streets: policing the public space in Chile
Richard Beaty Privacy rights, information, employment contract, data. Legal responses to surveillance in the workplace
Robyn Leslie Art, creativity, transitional justice, law and literature. Opposition and interdependence: a critique of the Farlam Comission
Stefan Mandelbaum International Law, Political Philosophy, Legal Theory, International Investment Law, Arbitration Theory, International Commercial Law. The Dialectics of International Investment Law: Methodology, Legitimacy and Politics
Tom Hamilton International criminal law; arms trade; international tribunals; accomplice liability; war crimes; crimes against humanity. International Criminal Law and the Arms Trade
Vince Pescod Constitutional protection, legislative procedures, entrenchment, comparative.  Should there be an entrenched process of constitutional reform and if so what form should it take? 
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