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Alexandra Budjanovcanin


Alexandra Budjanovcanin is a PhD researcher in the Human Resource Management and Employment Relations Research Group. She joined the group in 2004 as a research associate after obtaining an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis at King's College London. While a Research Associate she worked on a number of projects including an examination of sexual harassment litigation in Britain between 1996 - 2006 and a study examining the future workforce for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Ali’s previous experience at Merrill Lynch and additional work on projects with organisations including the Royal bank of Scotland, E-TRADE International and the NHS provide her with valuable industry experience. She has also been a tutor on the MSc in HRM and Organisational Analysis in the Department of Management at King’s and has taught on both the Diversity and Motivation and Performance streams. Ali is currently undertaking a PhD examining the interaction of gender and ethnicity in careers theory.
Her research interest lies in the area of gender and ethnic diversity and the interaction of gender with ethnicity in the workplace and in careers. Ali is also interested gender roles stereotyping and biculturalism and their effects on individuals in a work setting.

Contact details

Alexandra Budjanovcanin
Tel + 44 (0)20 7848 3961

Selected publications

Journal articles
Rosenthal, P., Lockwood, G. and Budjanovcanin, A. 2008. An overview of the UK Employment Appeal Tribunal decisions in sexual harassment cases 1995-2005, Equal Opportunities International, Vol. 27 Issue 6 pg 485-504.
A series on workforce planning for the pharmacy profession, including:
Guest, D., Budjanovcanin, A. and Oakley, P. 2008. Planning the pharmacy workforce: the critical role of surveying pharmacists, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol. 281 15 November 2008.
Guest, D., Budjanovcanin, A. and Oakley, P. 2008. Planning the pharmacy workforce: who are the happy pharmacists? The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol.281 29 November 2008.
Lockwood, G., Rosenthal, P. and Budjanovcanin, A. 2006. Sexual harassment litigation: the British experience, Managerial Law, Vol.48, No. 5 pp 455-466.
Guest, D., Oakley, P., Clinton, M., and Budjanovcanin, A. 2006. Free or precarious? A comparison of the attitudes of workers in flexible and traditional employment contracts. Human Resource Management Review, Vol.16 No.2 pp107-124.
Budjanovcanin, A. Career Regret and Career Surprise: An analysis of the Consequences of Different Types of Adjustment to the Career Experience, paper to be presented at EAWOP conference 2009.
Sexual harassment litigation - the truth, Seminar for Speechley Birchams, 12 December 2007.
Rosenthal, P., Lockwood, G. and Budjanovcanin, A. Sexual harassment litigation in Britain: a window on the socially irresponsible workplace, paper presented to the ACREW Conference on Socially Responsive and Socially Responsible Approaches to Employment and Work, Prato, Italy, 1-4 July, 2006.
Edwards, T., Budjanovcanin, A. and Woollard, S. 2008. HR in International Mergers and Acquisitions. CIPD Research report.
Oakley, P., Ngo, S., Vinten, M. and Budjanovcanin, A. 2008. NHS Wales: Midwifery Workforce Planning Project: Developing a Workforce Planning Model.
Guest, D., Oakley, P. and Budjanovcanin, A. 2007. Pharmacy academics workforce strategy. Department of Management, King's College, London.


Ali obtained an ESRC Case Studentship to undertake her PhD working with and sponsored by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
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