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FIM+FAM - The Functional Independence Measure and Functional Assessment Measure

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) is a global measure of disability and can be scored alone or with the additional 12 items that formulate the Functional Assessment Measure (FAM). FAM does not stand alone, hence the abbreviation of FIM+FAM. The original items were developed by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) but extrapolation to the UK was not directly possible, therefore a user group in the UK adapted the FAM items to produce a UK version (UK FIM+FAM). FIM items remain unchanged. The current UK FIM+FAM in use is Version 2.2 and incorporates FIM v 4.

The UK FIM+FAM is designed for measuring disability in the brain-injured population. It has an ordinal scoring system for all 30 items from 1-7 (1=complete dependence and 7 fully independent).

Scoring is conducted at 2 time points – approximately 7-10 days after admission (admission score) and within 7 days of discharge (discharge score). A goal score can be set at the same time as recording the admission score based on planned therapeutic intervention.

The UK ROC software enables electronic data capture of FIM+FAM and facilitates various outputs including FIM+FAM radar graphs (splats) and derivation of the scores in a Barthel Index Score.

FIM + FAM is the mandatory outcome measure for units aspiring to Level 1 & Level 2 services within the UK ROC project. UK ROC units are required to attend a UK FIM+FAM training day. For further information on upcoming course information please contact Elica Ming-Brown

Alternatively, please download the pre-course self service training slides:

The scoring manual and example score sheet are available for download below:

FIM FAM Publications

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