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Carers' Career Development Fund

Carers' Career Development Fund

Helping parents and carers to attend career-development events outside of their normal working hours

The Carer’s Career Development Fund (CCDF) is a scheme designed to help parents and carers with the additional care costs incurred as a result of attending conferences or other important networking events, which fall outside of their normal working hours.

Attending networking and career-development events such as conferences and sandpits are known to have important links with the formation of research collaborations and funding opportunities – both of which benefit our staff as well as the wider community of King's. The university recognises that it is invariably harder for those with caring responsibilities to attend such events as these often fall outside of normal working hours.

Whilst the university understands that caring costs are only a small factor affecting attendance at these events, it would like to help relieve the pressure in some part, by helping academic and research staff, with the additional caring costs incurred.

For any queries please email

Am I eligible?

This scheme is currently open to all Academic, Research and Professional Service staff with caring responsibilities across the King’s community.

What can I use this fund for?

The fund is designed to support carers for costs incurred as a result of professional commitments which fall outside of normal working hours, such as conferences and networking events. Costs may also be incurred as a result of staff travelling overseas, or within the UK, to such events. Costs will relate directly to the engagement of a childminder, nanny, nursery or care provider.

How will my application be processed?

1. Making a claim

Individuals will be able to submit an application up to a maximum of £250 in any 12 month period. Applications can be made up to two months in advance of the event.

2. Completing the online form

Applicants are required to complete all sections of the form. Only applications that have been completed correctly and in full will be considered. This form can be found here.

The team aim to acknowledge your application within 7 days of the form being submitted. If you have not recieved a response within this time please email .

3. After the claim has been submitted

Applicants will receive an on-screen confirmation message, notifying them that their application has been received.

4. Considering the claim 

Applications will be considered on the first Monday of the month and award notifications will be sent by close of play that same week from the diversity team. A copy of the claim form will be sent to the applicant’s line manager for reference.

5. Ensuring fairness

There is growing demand for the CCDF scheme amongst the staff community. If demand increases beyond the volume of funds available, funds will be available on a first come first serve basis. Funds are apportioned so that a new pot is available at the start of each quarter.

6. Receiving the funds

After attending the event/conference, claimants will need to complete and sign an expense claim form with receipts and proof of conference/event attendance (e.g. a copy of a confirmation of booking email). This expense form must be signed off by the Budget Account Holder for Diversity & Inclusion, Lynn Chester. More details will be sent directly to successful applicants.

7. Providing feedback and financial records

Successful applicants may be written to, to provide feedback on the usefulness of the scheme and the impact that it has had.


What if my child minder does not submit formal receipts? Can I still apply to this fund?

Yes, you can write up a receipt and have the minder and yourself sign.

Can I only submit my claim up to two months before the event? What if I want to send this in sooner?

We ask all applicants to submit two months prior to the event as to allow for appropriate budgeting of the fund and to allow for fairer practice should an individual require emergency funding support.

If my claim is unsuccessful do I have to wait 12 months to be able to submit another one?

No, you may submit as many applications as you’d like within the 12 month period, but can only receive a maximum of £250 within this period.

If I successfully bid for an amount below £250, can I apply again within the 12 month period?

Yes, as long as the total amount being given over a 12 month period does not exceed the £250 cap. For example, an applicant can successfully receive £80 from one application, and £170 in another within the same 12 month period.

Will I be expected to report on the expenditure? If so what does this entail and when will I be asked to do this?

Yes, after attending the event/conference, claimants will need to complete and sign an expense claim form with receipts (where possible) and pass this on to the Budget Account Holder for Human Resources, along with proof of their attendance at the event (e.g. a copy of a confirmation of booking email).

The conference I had booked on to is no longer happening and I no longer need additional childcare – what shall I do with the funds I have already received?

If you are unable to attend an event and would not require the funds, then please email to arrange for the funds to be transferred back to the Diversity team.

What if am ill or cannot attend the conference/event? – What shall I do with the funds I have already received?

If you are unable to attend an event and would not require the funds, then please email to arrange for the funds to be transferred back to the Diversity team.

I am having problems submitting my form? Can I send it directly through to someone?

Yes, please email should there be any problems with submitting the form via the web page. Please indicate that this is the case in your email. 

Privacy Notice

We are Diversity & Inclusion, part of King’s College London. If you need to contact us about this privacy notice, please write to 

We process your personal information in order to assess your  eligibility for the CCDF. 

Data protection legislation allows us to use your personal information in this way because it is required to deliver an agreement (or ‘contract’) we have with you and you have actively given us your permission (or ‘consent’). You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at

We will keep your information for 6 months before the personal data will be destroyed. 

We will not share your information with any external organisations. On rare occasions, we may be required or permitted to share personal information by law (e.g for law enforcement purposes). 

To find out more about how the university deals with your personal information, including your rights and who to contact if you have a concern, please see the university’s core privacy notice at


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