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Trans Toolkit

Guidance and Support

The pages linked on the right provide guidance for staff supporting trans people at King's. This includes personal tutors supporting trans students and line managers supporting trans staff.

These pages will be updated on an ongoing basis. Additional guidance is offered below. For help in understanding the guidance, and any other queries related to being trans or supporting trans people at King’s, get in touch with us at

Guidance on making and requesting changes to documents or records

For Staff

Staff can make changes to their personal details themselves by logging into HR Digital Services, which informs most other King’s systems.

Staff may update their gender identity themselves and have the option to record trans and non-binary identity should they wish. The categories for self-determination on our systems have been selected in line with Stonewall equal opportunities monitoring best practice. Staff may contact their HR People Partner to request changes to their title (including Mx.), preferred name, legal name and sex on HR Digital Services. Legal documentation is only required to request a change of legal name and sex. Further guidance on acquiring the appropriate documentation is provided below.

Once a staff member has updated their details via HR Digital Services this information will be available for use across other systems. Once the changes have synced (usually at night) it will update the staff member’s MS Office profile and can be used to print them a new ID card.

Staff can request a name change on their Microsoft Office account by emailing IT at You do not require ID for this. 

For Students

Students can request changes to their personal details by contacting the Registry Services, who will be able to arrange a change of details on all King’s systems. You can find more information on how to do this here. 

In order to change details on degree certificates and transcripts, evidence of a legal name or gender change will be required. Any official document, including statutory declaration of name change, deed poll, driving license, passport or birth certificate, may be provided as proof of this.

Students can request a name change on their Microsoft Office account by emailing IT at You do not require ID for this. 

If you require a new student ID card, you can request one here.

The website provides further guidance for trans and non-binary people intending to acquire documents for legal name and gender changes, including:

Making your own deed poll

Changing your name and/or personal details (including gender markers) on your passport using a letter from your doctor or medical consultant

No King’s record can be changed without the permission of the staff member or student concerned.

Guidance on receiving a disclosure of trans status

As a personal tutor or line manager, a student or member of staff may disclose to you that they are trans.

An individual's trans status is sensitive, and should be treated in confidence. You might sensitively discuss the reasons for disclosure with an individual and offer support where you are placed to do so. The support you might offer is detailed later in this document.

Trans staff and students might approach you to ask that you: call them by an alternate (chosen) name and to refer to them with alternate pronouns, to notify you of their intention to transition between genders, and/or to support them in their transition between genders.

Transitions can be a long, gradual process or shorter and more immediate – it varies from person to person. You might be notified of a person's transition at any point prior to, during, or after this process; it's important not to assume that someone will want to visibly transition at all times, or that you are being told at the start of this journey. Someone who has already taken the steps they feel necessary to transition between genders, and has 'completed' a transition might describe themselves as having a 'trans history'.

Whilst staff and students with a trans history might not require additional support, it remains important to hold this information in confidence. If you feel you need more information about someone's identity or transition, be clear how this information will be used to inform their support and benefit them, and who this information might be shared with.

Staff receiving a disclosure of trans status or trans history can refer to the dedicated trans webpages or contact the Diversity & Inclusion Team for advice and further guidance.

Guidance on discussing support options

Once a disclosure has been made to you, it is important to sensitively follow up and check that the individual is receiving the support they might need. A disclosure may have been made to elicit support from you as a tutor or manager. It's important you are accommodating and open to discuss this. A face-to-face meeting in a private space can be arranged to discuss how the individual anticipates their transition impacting upon their work/study, and how support might mitigate negative impacts.

The discussion might cover:

  • Any important dates/deadlines, and arrangements for medical appointments.

  • An action plan covering any arrangements that need to be made, who will be responsible for these and who else needs to be involved.

  • Any changes required to College records and systems to reflect the individual’s name, gender or title (if applicable).

  • Arrangements for notifying classmates and colleagues of an individual’s change of name and/or pronouns, and how an individual might navigate ‘coming out’ (if applicable).

Any action plan should be kept confidential and discussion should take place with the individual to agree where copies should be kept and who should have access. Each individual’s circumstances will be unique so it is important that any agreed action plan is, (where possible), tailored to their needs and that a flexible approach is used.

Additional meetings may be required to update on progress and consider any further issues. Any agreements between staff and their manager should be recorded in writing and shared with the individual.

The individual (staff and student) may seek additional support and guidance from the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team. Staff may contact their HR People Partner to request changes to their documents or records, and students can contact the Registry Services.

Once notification is provided, this is sufficient to arrange a change of details on all systems and documents, apart from official documents. In some cases the individual may also have to show a previous form of identification (such as a staff or student identity card in their original name/sex assigned at birth) to prove their identity, before the changes are made. No records can be changed without the permission of the staff member or student concerned.

It should be noted, in order to change details on official university documents, such as a degree certificate, evidence of a legal gender or name change will be required.


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