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So that access and attainment are not defined by background

Inequality fuels modern crises, from political polarisation and poverty to prejudice and violence. And when privilege and power is concentrated amongst a few, effective solutions fall short. At King’s, we believe in a world where everyone can achieve a great education. Where people have agency, influence and the chance to fulfil their potential. And where social and economic mobility is no longer a challenge to overcome.


Our focus


Everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential, irrespective of background or circumstance. We are powering community-led alliances for youth attainment. Co-creating solutions with those at the sharp intersections of inequality. And raising up community voices to shape progressive policy on social mobility. Our approach to education, research and action is founded on the belief that equality and social mobility are fundamental pillars of a just global community.

Delivering impact

Advancing equality and social mobility is a key focus among King's five impact priorities. We have led targeted initiatives like Parent Power, established pioneering community partnerships with charities including Citizens UK, and delivered evidence-based research into the root causes of inequality. King’s champions inclusivity across all facets of the University, from recruitment and education to outreach and community engagement. We aim to be a catalyst for societal change.


Shaping collective change

Parent Power

Parents and carers pushing for social and educational change


Specialist support for students from underrepresented backgrounds

Enabling education in collaboration

Advancing research in partnership