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Through pioneering advancements in prevention, medicine and healthcare

In a world marked by uncertainty, good mental and physical health form the bedrock for collective wellbeing. But the landscape of mental and physical health faces mounting complexities – from systemic to individual, geographic to financial, gendered to genetic. We strive for a world where the prevention of ill-health is prioritised for all. Where health systems are robust, forward-thinking and proactive. And where everyone has equitable access to comprehensive physical and mental health resources.

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Our focus

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We’re the largest centre for health education in Europe. We offer unparalleled expertise that embraces a holistic, interconnected perspective on health throughout every stage of life. From midwifery to palliative care, mental to physical treatment, King’s is training the next generation of medical professionals to become leaders in their fields. Our partnerships with health facilities, institutions and governments help to fortify local, national and global health systems. By rapidly translating our world-leading research into healthcare settings, we are reshaping treatments and diagnostics, improving quality and length of life for patients and transforming health outcomes globally.

Delivering impact

We've made whole-life health for mind and body one of King's five impact priorities. Our collaborative, cross-sector approach empowers us to uncover life-changing insights and enhance wellbeing across diverse communities. We've combatted the spread of COVID-19 through digital symptom mapping. We’ve tackled national health disparities through partnerships with local health institutions. And we’ve developed advanced early-detection techniques for neurodegenerative diseases. This multidisciplinary synergy allows us to drive discoveries capable of transforming healthcare as we know it.

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Shaping collective change

Enabling education in collaboration

IoPPN Youth Awards

Offering young people from local schools experience of research at IoPPN

Advancing research in partnership

Lambeth HEART

Understanding and responding to community health inequalities in Lambeth