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IoPPN Youth Awards

Apply for the IoPPN Youth Awards

The IoPPN Youth Awards allow young people (aged 15-18) from schools in the local area to have direct experience of research at the IoPPN.

Launched in 2013, these awards aim to encourage young people to remain in science and maths education and go on to study these subjects at university. The awards cover a number of science-based subjects including genetics, economics, psychology, health, neuroimaging and computer science.

These awards are an excellent and exciting opportunity to gain practical experience and make valuable contacts. Each award involves attending a placement at the relevant university department to learn about each subject. 

The awards include a £50 book token and certificate of attendance. They are a great addition to a CV and/or UCAS application, and they provide a real opportunity to experience a university environment first-hand, while developing skills to understand, evaluate and communicate research.

Any student aged 15-18 attending a school in London / Greater London, within accessible distance of the IoPPN (SE5 8AF) is invited to apply. You must be studying GCSEs, A levels or equivalent qualifications in at least one subject relevant to an award that we offer.

The application form will ask you for the following information:
~ Contact details
~ Demographic information (for example, your age)
~ What school you go to
~ Your GSCE and/or A-level subjects and predicted grades
~ Which IoPPN Youth Award you wish to apply for?
~ Why have you applied for the IoPPN Youth awards?
~ What do you hope to gain/learn from the IoPPN Youth Awards?
~ What is your dream job and why? How do your parents/carers view your aspirations?

75 students received an award in 2023. Click here to see feedback from the 2023 award winners.
44 students recieved an award in 2022. Click here to see feedback from the 2022 award winners.
47 students received an award in 2021. Click here to see feedback from the 2021 award winners

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Deadline to apply is Monday 25th March 2024

We will notify all applicants of the outcomes by Friday 27th April 2024

Applicants are invited to apply for one of the following awards, in line with their specific interests. You will also be asked if you are interested in any of the other awards at the end of your application. Applicants can only be selected for one award.

1. Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry 

This award will provide insight into the wide ranging expertise within our department, including: psychiatry, developmental and social psychology, psychopathology, personality and cognitive traits, statistical genetics, epigenetics, molecular genetics, behavioural genetics, and neuroimaging. You will have tours of our cutting-edge research laboratories, test out EEG experiments, and learn how to administer clinical interviews and assessments. You will hear from a variety of researchers and academics at different career levels and disciplines, and have the chance to conduct your own project. If you have any questions about this award you can contact:

2. Neuroimaging

Neuroimaging is the research and clinical field that enables us to study the anatomy, chemistry and function of the live brain. Neuroimaging is really multidisciplinary, involving all professions from doctors and nurses, to engineers and physicists. Through this award, you will briefly join our department and become familiar with the work we do, both in research and in patients, and discover the techniques and equipment we have to image the brain at King’s College London. If you have any questions about this award you can contact:

3. Psychology

The Department of Psychology is one of the largest departments in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. We research mental health disorders and physical health problems, and much of our past work has informed national psychological and physical health guidelines. If you have any questions about this award you can contact:

4. Biostatistics and Health Informatics

The department has been a major force in the development of quantitative methodology as applied to mental health research, with significant national and international collaborations, and with growing impact into all areas of medicine, particularly through expertise in trials and software development. The exciting award will involve real hands-on programming (using R or Python) to create visualisations of hospital data to help doctors understand a patient's condition. If you have any questions about this award you can contact:

5. Women’s Mental Health (Health Service and Population Research Department)

The women’s mental health research and policy award will be hosted by The Section of Women’s Mental Health (SWMH). We carry out global research into the gendered determinants of mental health problems and the needs of women with mental health problems. You will have the chance to explore our research on mental health services and policy research, with a primary focus on women’s mental health. If you have any questions about this award you can contact: 

6. Health Protection Research Unit in Emergency Preparedness and Response (Psychological Medicine)

The HPRU in Emergency Preparedness and Response is a partnership between King’s College London, the UK Health Security Agency and the University of East Anglia.  We conduct research to minimise the impact of emergencies. Over many years, we have supported the UK Health Security Agency and other Government agencies to respond to, and learn lessons from, incidents including the COVID-19 pandemic, major flooding, the Novichok poisoning incident, heatwaves, terrorist attacks and many other issues. During your time with us, you’ll learn more about our current research, attend meetings and will be given your own project to complete. If you have any questions about this award you can contact:  



Organisers: Celestine Lockhart <> and Yasmin Ahmadzadeh <>; with Jared Maina, Chelsea Malouf, Laura Meldrum, and Hayley Denyer.


General enquiries

Dr Juliet Foster, IoPPN Dean of Education


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