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Centres & groups

Eating Disorders Research Group

The Eating Disorders Research Group aims to find out more about the neurobiological, genetic and psychological causes and consequences of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders, and to use that knowledge to develop new and better treatments

ABC: Altering Behaviour in Children

ABC is led by the IOPPN, ABC brings together world-class experts forming a multidisciplinary team which is widely published and has conducted the largest number of studies in Europe on antisocial behaviour in children and adolescents.

Addictions Service User Research Group (SURG)

Within the Addictions Department, we work closely with our own Service User Research Group (SURG). The central aim of the SURG is to build meaningful and reciprocal relationships between addiction researchers and service users when thinking through research problems, designing studies, preparing grant applications and ultimately conducting and disseminating research. Addiction researchers benefit from having expert service users on hand to advise on their studies and group members benefit from research training, access to cutting edge information on emerging drug treatments, and some work experience.

ADHD and Associated Disorders – Asherson & Kuntsi

Our research focuses on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders that often co-occur with ADHD. We take a developmental approach, studying the disorders and traits from childhood to adulthood.

Centre for Affective Disorders

The Centre for Affective Disorders (CfAD) focuses on mood and anxiety disorders which are common disorders which cause great suffering for many people. 

Affective Disorders Research Group

The group works to understand more about the neurobiological causes of mood disorders (also known as affective disorders); mental illnesses where the normal functioning of mood is disrupted, including clinical depression and bipolar disorder.

Adult Neurogenesis & Mental Health

The central theme of the lab is postnatal or adult hippocampal neurogenesis (AHN), which is implicated in memory formation and mood regulation

Alcohol Research Group

Based in the Addictions Department, the Section of Alcohol Research is led by Professor Colin Drummond and comprises a multidisciplinary research team. The team has a national and international reputation in conducting research, teaching, training, and policy work. It has been successful in attracting substantial external research grant funding for its work, and has been recognised by the UK Department of Health as having demonstrated important outputs and impacts. The group has developed a large network of collaborations with other research groups in the field nationally and internationally. 

Alcohol Research Group

Based in the Addictions Department, the Section of Alcohol Research is led by Professor Colin Drummond and comprises a multidisciplinary research team.



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