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Designing a future that empowers us to live well with technology

The digital revolution is unfolding in unanticipated ways. As technological advances surge ahead, frameworks to ensure their safe and ethical use often lag behind. And when wielded by a select few, these digital leaps can widen power gaps and deepen divides. We believe technology should serve the many not the few. Our goal is to forge a technological future guided by transparency, ethics and above all, a commitment to individual and social wellbeing.

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Our focus


By championing a radically multidisciplinary approach, we are reshaping conventional perspectives on technical challenges. We recognise these technological issues as intricate human and social puzzles that demand innovative approaches to understanding, responding, and creating solutions. Across King's, we are using emerging technologies to transform healthcare. Ensuring future technical, legal and policy innovations are rooted in rigorous ethical and historical understanding. Prioritising the integration of psychological, social and cultural insight into the development of future technologies. And pioneering trustworthy, responsible AI.

Delivering impact

Technology for good is one of King's five impact priorities. By focusing on the relationship between the individual, society and technology in its broadest sense, we are shaping a future that empowers us to live well. Through our flagship Responsible AI initiative, we bring together researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, and organisations nationwide to champion transparent and responsible AI development. And with dynamic engagement across diverse disciplines and sectors, we are exploring the most pressing questions about our evolving relationship with technology. Leveraging our state-of-the-art research centres, educational initiatives, and external engagement, King's is shaping a future where technology is a force for positive change.


Shaping collective change

Enabling education in collaboration

Safe & Trusted AI

Training scientists and engineers to develop safe and trustworthy AI

Advancing research in partnership


Exploring the potential of wearable devices in aiding health outcomes

Responsible AI UK

A multidisciplinary network of researchers, industry, policy makers, and...