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Find answers to common questions below:

I would like to take a Language Module as part of my degree; how do I apply?

Please follow our intranet link here to access our application form.

Is there anything I need to do before applying?

Please ensure you have approval from your home department before applying if you wish to study a language as part of your degree.

What classes are available in 2023-24 and what are their details?

The list of Language modules on offer to both UG and PG students and their details (e.g. credits, assessment, schedule, expected self-study) is available here under the 'Language Modules' link. Members of the public can take a language module (fees apply). Please contact us for more information.

The list of Postgraduate Only (PG-O) (Non-credit bearing) courses on offer to solely PG students and their details (e.g. schedule, attendance requirements & expected self-study) is available here.

What is the difference between a Language Module (for award) and a Language Module (not for award)?

Both For Award and Not For Award modules have a 75% attendance requirement and include written and oral examinations.

For Award - Results will appear on your student record/transcript and will form part of your degree grading. For Award Modules are free. Please note that to study a For Award Module you must obtain approval from your home department prior to enrolment. Please contact them directly before submitting your application. 

Not For Award - Results will not appear on your student record/transcript and will not form part of your degree grading. If you enrol on a Not for Award Module, you will need to pay the fee in full to secure your place (£605 in 2-25).

Where will teaching take place?

Teaching will be delivered in-person on the university campus.

Can I see the timetable before applying?

A timetable of classes can be found here. Please note that classes are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and therefore some classes may be full or unavailable.

What’s the average class size?

Classes are a maximum of 16 / 18 students, depending on the language.

My degree consists of a compulsory language module; how do I register?

Students should have been contacted by their home department with instructions on how to register. Please contact your home department for advice:

Liberal Arts:
DLLC (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures):
King’s Business School (BSc International Management:
Study Abroad:

Will I get a certificate at the end of the module?

Credit- bearing language modules will appear on your transcript and therefore we do not produce certificates for those modules. For non-credit bearing Language Modules and PGO Language courses, you may request a certificate from the Language Centre upon completion of the module (after Faculty Board ratification).

Can I transfer to a different group?

We allocate students based on their (1) timetable and (2) our class availability. If you find the group allocated unsuitable, please notify us as soon as possible and we will try and accommodate your request. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request.

I am a Study Abroad student here for 1 semester only. What can I study?

We offer a small selection of One Semester Modules. Please state your requirement when applying.

Are there more opportunities to enhance my learning once I enrol on a module or course with King’s Language Centre

Yes, everyone enrolled on our courses will benefit from access to KEATS (an online platform where teachers upload resources), Pressreader, the Language Resources Centre, and free speaking practice.

What’s the difference between a Language Module and a Short Course?

Short courses are conducted in the evenings and weekends. These are available to all and are standalone. A language module is conducted along university lecture times, is available to all students, and can be part of your degree diet, or alongside your degree.

I’m a King’s student, are Short Courses free for me?

No, but the King’s community and King’s students receive generous discounts, please see our fees page here.


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