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Professor Philip Eaton BSc PhD

Professor of Cardiovascular Biochemistry

Eaton,PhilThe Rayne Institute
4th Floor, Lambeth Wing
St. Thomas' Hospital, London


Philip Eaton gained a BSc in Biochemistry from Queen Mary College, University of London in 1989 before completing his PhD studies at the University of Sussex. After a post-doctoral at the Institute of Psychiatry, he joined the Department of Cardiovascular Research, based at the Rayne Institute, St Thomas’ Hospital. Nearly twenty years on, he remains at the Rayne within the Cardiovascular Division.

Research interests

The Eaton lab studies the molecular basis of redox sensing and signaling in the cardiovascular system. A major focus continues to be the identification of sensor proteins that detect chances in redox state of the heart or blood vessels. Identification of these sensors is considered crucial; as such proteins can be the point at which cellular redox changes are transduced into signalling events that underlie the biological response to pro-oxidising or pro-reducing conditions. Instead of assessing established redox-active proteins, the group primarily carries out unbiased proteomic screen to identify several novel sensor proteins.

This approach has been to study a number of different post-translational oxidative modifications, including S-thiolation, inter-protein disulfide formation, nitrosylation, sulfenation and adduction by electrophilic lipids. Follow-up studies currently involve generating ‘redox dead’ models that lack a specific sensor thiol, comparing their response to oxidative stress to wild type. By identifying proteins that undergo redox reactions and then determining the impact these alterations have on protein activity, we hope to better understand the consequences this has for the cardiovascular system during health and disease.

Group members

BHF Intermediate Research Fellowship

  • Dr Joseph Burgoyne

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr Rebecca Charles
  • Dr Oleksandra Prysyazhna
  • Dr Olena Rudyk
  • Dr Ewald Schroder
  • Dr Jenna Scotcher
  • Dr Mariana Fernandez Caggiano 
  • Dr Celine Duraffourd
  • Dr Hyunjo Cho
  • Dr Chris Switzer
Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Kaivan Khavandi

PhD Students

  • Mr Yemi Oviosu
  • Mr Daniel Stubbert
  • Ms Alisa Kamynina
  • Ms Kathryn Wolhuter
  • Ms Karen Frudd

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