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20 April 2023

At the NIHR School for Social Care Research annual conference

Unit researchers were a strong presence at the conference – held at The Law Society

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Jill Manthorpe 2015
Jill Manthorpe

Unit researchers were a strong presence at this year's Annual Conference of the NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR). The two-day event (18-19 April) was held at The Law Society.

On Day 1, Kritika Samsi chaired a session on Dementia at which Monica Leverton and Tiffeny James talked about their study on Developing the role of Dementia Champions in the homecare sector. Jess Harris discussed emerging findings from her recently completed study, Strengthening adult safeguarding responses to homelessness and self-neglect. And Jen Owen, with Maria Brent (Kingston University), presented on the Unit's decluttering study (coming to an end this summer). Mary Baginsky chaired a Learning Disability session.

On Day 2, Research Fellow Nicole Steils presented findings from the Unit's self-neglect / hoarding study. And Mary Baginsky (recently made Reader in Social Care at King's, and the Unit lead on its work with the School) discussed the progress of her study on the role of adult social care for parents with learning disabilities when a child is no longer in their careEmily Thomas presented a poster from the same study.

Finally, Director of the School, Martin Knapp (LSE), paid tribute to Jill Manthorpe who recently retired from her position as Director of this Unit.

Header image: inside The Law Society, Chancery Lane

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