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Mobilising King’s research to respond to the climate and biodiversity crisis

Our researchers work across the UK and globally to understand, inform and critique just and fair transitions to sustainability.

We’re combining expertise to deliver a new generation of sustainability research, joining up the capabilities, insights, technologies and impacts needed to create tangible solutions at scale.

Focusing on the pressing challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation, we seek to generate actionable insight that will help shape the future of our societies and our planet.

Climate researchers at King's

Our world-leading climate researchers study across disciplines to meet the challenge we face at this critical time for our planet.

King's Climate & Sustainability Seed Fund

The King's Climate & Sustainability seed fund offers extensive support for existing staff to develop new research, make new connections and scale-up existing strengths.

Climate & Sustainability Seed Funding
Wind turbines at sunset mobile

Interdisciplinary research collaborations

Net Zero Centre

The Net Zero Centre serves to highlight, nurture and facilitate discovery...

Departmental research groups

More about climate and sustainability at King’s