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Learn entrepreneurial skills

Everyone can be entrepreneurial. 

Entrepreneurs are often described as mythical beings, as if they are born with a special power that makes them stand out from the rest – and the terminology of ‘unicorns’ and ‘centaurs’ that surrounds start-ups reinforces this further. However, we know this isn’t true. 

When we break down the behaviours, approaches and attitudes of a successful entrepreneur, we unlock a treasure trove of tangible skills which anyone can practice, develop and hone. That is where the Seven Skills of an Entrepreneurial Mindset come in.

We have unpicked the mind and journey of an entrepreneur down to its fundamental parts so that we can help the King’s community of staff, students and alumni to learn and apply these skills for themselves.

The best part is these skills can be applied to any sector, any career, any future. Each one can take their entrepreneurial thinking with them into medical careers, legal professions, or companies helping to solve the world’s biggest challenges to make it a better place.


  • Compel - To have a powerful and irresistible effect which provokes behaviour change and demands credibility and loyalty  
  • Disrupt - Being willing to question the way things are done and be bold in proposing revolutionary, better ways of thinking and doing  
  • Think Lean - Dedication to rapid, continual learning and adapting through testing  
  • Validate - To prove that an idea is viable and gain traction; the eradication of bias and assumption 
  • Be Resilient - Develop a rapid, thick skinned and grounded “bounce-back-ability”  
  • Build Teams - To find, develop and grow effective teams that celebrate diversity in all its forms 
  • Get it Done - Prioritising execution above all else, you know that the best way to make progress is to take real action, so that is what you do 

Ready to start on your skills journey?

King's Enterprise Award

King’s Enterprise Award

An extracurricular award to develop your entrepreneurial skills and mindset and enhance your future,…



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