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One we safeguard and steward with urgency

In a world experiencing widespread environmental degradation, there is an urgent and growing need for transformative solutions. The impact of the climate emergency is immense, affecting ecosystems, upheaving weather patterns and aggravating existing societal inequalities. We are working to address this challenge and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.

delivering impact planet

Our focus


Our focus starts with ambitious shifts within King’s. We are working to embed sustainable practices and principles of environmental stewardship in every aspect of university life. Through our research, we are generating evidence-based solutions to environmental challenges and building cross-disciplinary partnerships. And through our education, we’re equipping students with the knowledge and skills to address the ecological crises of our era.

Delivering impact

A thriving and sustainable planet is a central focus for impact at King's. By prioritising this objective, we’re mitigating further harm to the environment and enhancing resilience and adaptability in the face of a rapidly changing climate. We’re shoring up water resilience for at-risk communities. Developing international alliances for climate projects. And steering policy at the highest levels of government. Through interdisciplinary environmental research, bold operational shifts and global partnerships, King's is leading by example on climate and sustainability action.


Shaping collective change

King’s CAN

A network passionate about sustainability and climate action

Net Zero Centre

Driving multidisciplinary solutions to the climate emergency

Enabling education in collaboration

Advancing research in partnership