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Password resets and management
What you need to know

New to King's?

You must register your account within 30 days.

Accounts that haven't been registered will receive a reminder and will be disabled 7 days later if not registered within that time. To reactivate a disabled account you will need to contact the IT Service Desk by calling 0207 848 8888 and provide proof of identity.



Reset your password 

Once you have registered your account you can reset your password any time using the following link. 

  •  You will be asked to confirm your user ID.
  • Please use your username in the format and follow the on-screen instructions.  


Choose a complex password: guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre

  • King's moved from 8 characters to a minimum of 12 characters - so you'll need a password of at least 12 characters the next time you have to reset your password.  
  • Use three random words to create a strong password with at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character and one number e.g. 3RedHouseMonkey21!
  • Be creative and use words memorable to you but be aware your social media accounts can give away what is important to you like childrens names, pets and football teams.
  • Never use your current partner's name; child's name; other family members; pets; place of birth; holiday destinations or sports team. 
  • Please note: using “space” | : & $ ‘ \  £ can give problems with some university applications. 


Having trouble re-setting your password? 

  • It is possible that you haven’t registered for password re-set.   
  • If you know your password, go to to register your account.  Once registered, you will be able to re-set your password. 
  • See Registering Your Account for more information about registering your account. 
  • If you can’t remember your password you will need to have your Multi Factor Authentication credentials (or 6 digital code) reset. To do this, please send a copy of your photographic I.D in an email detailing your request to

Received an email about your password expiring?

  • During your time at King’s your password may expire and need to be reset
  • You will receive an email notification that your password will need to be reset 10 days before it is due to expire
  • This email will never contain any links or ask you for account information or password details
  • If you have concerns the message you have received is fraudulent please contact the IT Service Desk.

Got a new device? 

If you have a new device and no longer have access to the Multi Factor Authenticator App or need to register your new device please see this guide. Please note that if you have a new device and do not have another authentication method set up, please contact the Service Desk who will be able to assist you further.


King's will NEVER ask you to disclose your password


for your username and password in an email. 


Contact the IT Servicedesk

Available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year

020 7848 8888

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