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Analytical & Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

When: Thursdays, 13.00 to 14.00 pm (unless otherwise stated)

Where: Franklin-Wilkins Building (FWB), Waterloo Campus

Contact: If you have any enquiries, please contact Valentina Lotti

The Department of Analytical, Environmental and Forensic Sciences consists of a number of different groups, covering a diverse array of research interests, including forensic chemistry and biology, pollution research, environmental toxicology and bioanalysis. Our seminar series invites speakers specialising in a range of related research topics.

The seminars are open to the public and all King's staff and students are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming seminars in 2020

DateTitleSpeakerLocation in FWB
28 Jan Environmental standards after Brexit William WilsonWyeside Consulting Ltd 2.42
13 Feb

Fingerprints – visualising the ‘invisible’

Dr Steve Bleay, London South Bank University)  2.45
20 Feb

Chronic urban particulate matter exposure aggravates myocardial infarction by sequential impairment of lung redox metabolism, inflammation, and cardiac mitochondrial function

Prof Timoteo Marchini School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires 1.21
25 Feb Environmental Forensics: How Forensic Fibre Analysis Meets Microplastic Research Prof Claire Gwinnett, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Department, Staffordshire University 1.17

Upcoming seminars in 2019

DateTitleSpeakerLocation in FWB
15 Jan Mass spectrometry, molecular epidemiology and metabolic phenotyping in population health and disease Dr Luke Whiley, UK Dementia Research Institute, Imperial College London


29 Jan

Sensory Mapping

Prof Daniele Quercia, CUSP - King’s College London & Nokia Bell Labs Cambridge 2.80
5 Feb

The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education - Casework Experience  

Dr Barry Logan, Vice President of Forensic Science Initiatives and Chief of Forensic Toxicology 1.16
14 Feb

 Endocrine Disruption – Lost in Translation? 

 Dr Olwenn MartinBrunel University London
08 Mar

Human Health Effects of Particulate Matter in Bangladesh, and Implications Regarding Biomass Combustion 

Dr. George D. Thurston, Professor of Environmental Medicine and Population Health, Director, Program in Human Exposures and Health Effects

26 Mar

Biochemical pathways from exposure to outcome; the importance of the ‘how’ question in understanding the effects of the environment on human health

Prof Tim Gant, Visiting Professor, KCL 1.71
11 Apr

Can the Microbiome mirror worldwide geography?

Dr Eran Elhaik, The University of Sheffield; Department of Animal & Plant Sciences

12 Apr

Use of Wastewater Analysis in the Examination of Novel Psychoactive Substance Consumption in Australia

Dr Richard Bade, University of South Australia

14 May

The challenges and the future of forensic toxicology

Prof Simon Elliott, King's College London/Elliott Forensic Consulting

06 June

A new challenge in wastewater-based epidemiology: impact of stereochemistry in public health assessment

Dr Erika Castrignanò, Drug Control Centre, King's College London

18 June

A Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 – Overview

Prof Chris McKevitt & Sarah Griffiths, School Research Lead & Scholarly Publications Manager

15 July

Oxidative Properties of Ambient Particulate Matter - An assessment of the relative contributions from various aerosol components and their emission sources

Prof Vishal Verma, School University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

20 Aug

Smart Analytics for Shaping Future Cities

Dr Sarbeswar Praharaj, City Analytics Lab Manager, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney

06 Sept

Air Quality Research in New Zealand

Dr Guy Coulson , City Analytics Lab Manager, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney

31 Oct

Smart Phenylalanine monooxygenase: a biomarker of disease susceptibility in Parkinson’s and motor neurone diseases?

Dr Glyn Steventon, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

03 Dec

3D printing of ordered structures: applications in chemistry and engineering

Dr Simone Dimartino , Institute for Bioengineering, The University of Edinburgh

DateTitleSpeakerLocation in FWB
18 Jan Career Planning for Researchers Donald Lush, Career Planning for Researchers  3.146
8 Feb

Open Access – what researchers need to know to ensure compliance with their funders and for REF2021!

Sarah Griffiths Scholarly Publications Manager Research Support 2.80
9 Mar

Exploring the Postmortem Human Skin Microbiome Using Machine-learning Techniques.

Prof Nathan Lents (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) 5.132
 13 Mar  TBC Prof John Halket, Visiting Professor 
Mass Spectrometry Facility / Drug Control Centre,KCL
 27 Mar It’s Murder! The emerging science of forensic hydrology’. Prof Carolyn Roberts, Professor of Environment, Gresham College, London 2.48
24 Apr Environmental influences on intestinal barrier function Prof Brigitta Stockinger, AhRimmunity Laboratory, The Francis Ckrik Institute 2.80
10 May Air pollution in schools and cognitive development Dr Ioar Lara Rivas, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Environmental Research Group KCL 2.42
22 May The evolution and future of IDMS for the provision of biochemical reference values. Dr Gavin O'Connor, Joint research Centre Dir F5 Food and Feed Compliance, European Commission 2.80
7 June Hair analysis in clinical and forensic toxicology Dr Richard Paul, Principal academic in biological chemistry, Bournemouth University  2.80
20 June Redox regulation in vascular endothelial cells under physiological normoxia' Prof Giovanni Mann, Professor of Vascular Physiology, King's College London 1.21
26 June A Mass Spectrometry Mystery Tour (& Love Affair) It’s all in the Patterns.....  Prof John Halket, Visiting Professor Mass Spectrometry Facility / Drug Control Centre,KCL
5 July Mutational signatures: clues to the causes of cancer and insights into mechanisms of carcinogenesis Prof David Phillips, Professor of Environmental Carcinogenesis, Department of Analytical, Environmental & Forensic Sciences MRC-PHE Centre for Environment & Health 2.40
19 Sept Science policy challenges in quantifying the impact of air pollution on health Dr Heather Walton, Environmental Research Group; King’s College London 4.63
9 Oct The Measure of all Things Dr Richard Brown, Head of Metrology; National Physical Laboratory 2.80
12 Dec Marine Litter: are there solutions to this global environmental challenge?

Prof Richard Thompson, Director of the Marine Institute University of Plymouth

1.70 3pm
12 Dec Elucidating the health effects of air pollution, noise and green space in the large metropolitana area of Rome

Prof Francesco Forastiere, Environmental Research Group King’s College London

1.70 3pm

Past seminars


DateTitleSpeakerLocation in FWB
Jan 19 ESR and Forensic Science in NZ: A One Stop Shop Dr Sally Ann Harbison, Senior Science Leader, Forensic Biology, Institute of Environmental Science and Research  2.46 
Feb 9 Forensic genetics in the 21st century Dr Denise Sydercombe-Court, Reader in Forensic Science, KCL 1.17
Feb 28 Out of control: doping agents and cases in amateur athletic sports Dr Detlef ThiemeDirector of the  Institute of Doping Analysis and Sports Biochemistry Dresden in Kreischa, Germany  2.43
Mar 14 Is London’s air getting cleaner? Dr Gary Fuller, Senior Lecturer in Air Quality Measurement, KCL 1.68
Mar 30 The poppy seed defense: a novel solution Dr Andrew Kicman, Drug Control Centre, KCL 2.46
Apr 6 Highly sensitive mass spectrometry approaches to study manganese-induced oxidative stress Dr Julia Bornhorst University of Potsdam; Institute of Nutritional Science Department of Food Chemistry  1.21
Apr 27 Obesity and Alzheimer's - a worm's eye view Dr Yu Nie, Canterbury Christ Church University 2.46
May 11 Mass spectrometry for when biological worlds collide Dr Jackie Mosely, Department of Chemistry , Durham University  1.20
May 19 Tobacco Carcinogen Biomarkers, DNA Adductomics, and Cancer Susceptibility Prof Silvia Balbo and  Prof Stephen Hecht, University of Minnesota 2.80 
June 13 The Particle Puzzle Dr David Green  Environmental Research Group 2.46
Jun 20 Taking accurate measurements out of the laboratory environment  Mr Chris Hopley,  LGC 1.20
July 4 Oral fluid as an alternative to blood for drug screening purposes Prof Kim Wolff, Professor of Addiction Science, KCL 4.63
Sept 19 Hyperspectral Microscopy Dr Frederic Festy, KCL 2.45
Oct 17 What impact has London's Low Emission Zone had on air quality and children's health? Prof Chris Griffiths with  Dr Ian Mudway (Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Blizard Institute & Lung Biology Group, KCL) 2.80
Nov 2 Drugs, supplements and sports performance - genuine or not? Prof Maria Parr, Freie Universität Berlin 2.80
Nov 17 Air Pollution Modelling at ERG Dr Sean Beevers, KCL 1.17
Nov 28 Can we bridge the gap between exposure and human health with metabolomics? Dr Hector Keun, Imperial College London 1.21
Dec 11 Making London a greener city for the future. Shirley Rodrigues, Greater London Authority 1.71


 Date     Title                                                Speaker                              Location in FWB
Dec 7 Twins, food and microbes Prof Tim Spector , Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Director of the TwinsUK Registry, Kings College London 1.10
Nov 24 Accelerating the molecule to medicine process - challenges and opportunities Prof Melissa Hanna-Brown, Pfizer Global R&D (Sandwich UK) and the University of Surrey 4.63
Nov 8 Aladdin's lamp for cellular metal speciation Dr Theodora Stewart, Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences Division, King's College London 2.40
Oct 27 Fighting crime with ion beams...and other lower tech options Dr Melanie Bailey , Lecturer in Analytical & Forensic Science, University of Surrey 4.63
Oct 13 Challenges for the anti-doping scientist - a perspective on some current issues Prof Francesco Botre, Sapienza University of Rome & Scientific Director of the FMSI Laboratorio Antidoping di Roma 3.52
Sep 29 Sensing our personal environment – optimism without hyperbole Dr Benjamin Barratt , Lecturer in Air Quality Science, Analytical & Environmental Sciences Division, King's College London 3.146
Sep 12 Hybrid models for air pollution concentrations Prof Joel Schwartz, Department of Environmental Health & Department of Epidemiology, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, USA 4.63
Jul 7 Investigating immune and corticosteroid enhancing properties of vitamin D in respiratory health and asthma Prof Catherine Hawrylowicz, Professor of Immune Regulation in Allergic Diseases, Department of Respiratory Medicine & Allergy, King's College London 4.63
Jun 16 Detecting drug-facilitated manipulation of skeletal muscle composition and performance in sport Prof Mario Thevis, Centre for Preventive Doping Research, Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University Cologne 4.63
Jun 9 Investigating the dynamics of DNA modifications in early embryos by mass spectroscopy Dr Rachel Amouroux, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Imperial College London 4.63
May 26 Peptidic erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in sport: mode of action and detection strategies Dr Christian Reichel, Vienna Anti-Doping Laboratory 1.60
May 12 High resolution chemical analysis and in silico data mining tools for suspect screening in forensic and environmental science Dr Leon Barron, King's College London 4.63
Apr 21 Nitrogen dioxide and health: distinguishing its associations with health from those of particulate matter Dr Inga Mills, Public Health England 4.63
Apr 7 Evaluating the performance of low cost chemical sensors for air pollution research Prof Alastair Lewis , University of York 2.81
Mar 10 Air quality and health: why we need to do better Prof Frank Kelly , King's College London 1.60
Feb 17 Research development: Supporting high quality applications Dr Christopher Bird, King's College London, Research Management and Innovation Directorate, Research Strategy and Development Team 4.63
Feb 3 Protein adducts as exposure biomarkers throughout childhood development Dr William Funk , Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago 4.63
Jan 27 Activation of urinary carcinogens by bladder epithelium leads to DNA-adduct formation Dr. Simon Baker, University of York 4.63
Jan 14 Nanotoxicity studies and quantitative chemiluminescent assays for environmental applications Professor Gillian Greenway, University of Hull 2.46
Dec 3 Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus: transmission and survival Dr Claire ColenuttTransmission Biology Group, The Pirbright Institute 4.63
Nov 19 Adventures in lung soup Dr. Ian Mudway, King's College London 2.80
Nov 3 Adventures in metabolomics: delineating energy metabolism in the malaria parasite Dr James MacRae, Head of Metabolomics at NIMR and the Francis Crick Institute 4.63
Oct 29 DNA methylation-based forensic age prediction using artificial neural networks and next generation sequencing Dr. Athina Vidaki, King's College London 1.67
Oct 14 Molecular mechanism of base pairing infidelity during DNA duplication upon one-electron oxidation Dr. Johannes Reynisson , Senior Lecturer in Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modelling, University of Auckland, New Zealand 1.60
Sep 16 Investigating wood burner emissions from eight studies in New Zealand Dr Guy Coulson,Group Manager, Urban Air Quality and Health, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) 1.11
Sep 15 Atmospheric chemistry in a box Matthew S. Johnson Professor Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen 4.63
Sep 3 Science and the law in anti-doping – uncomfortable bedfellows? Marjolaine ViretAttorney, Phd Researcher, Health and Sports Law, Anti-doping and CAS arbitration, Université de Neuchâtel 1.17
Jun 26 MtDNA in medical and population genetics: high rates of error and misinterpretation. Prof Walther Parson, Institut für Gerichtliche Medizin der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck (GMI), Austria Seminar Room, Dept Medical & Molecular Genetics 8th floor Tower Wing, Guy’s Hospital
Jun 18 Establishing a pregnant mother-child and adult cohort to examine the health effects of air pollution in Tamil Nadu: Opportunities for strengthening the evidence on exposure-response relationship. Dr S. SankarAssociate Professor and Head, Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Sri Ramachandra University, India 5.132
Jun 11 The analysis of variance and the analysis of causes. 
Prof Neil Pearce , Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1.62
Jun 1 Science to inform decisions in the developing world: addressing the air quality science and policy challenges in China and India
Dr Daniel Greenbaum, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Health Effects Institute, Boston MA 311 Lecture Theatre,Huxley Building, Imperial College, SW7 2AZ
May 15 The fate of Bayesian analysis in the English Court of Appeal
Bernard Robertsonco-author of Robertson and Vignaux "Interpreting evidence: evaluating forensic science in the courtroom". 4.63
Mar 9 Cool City – Clean City? Secondary impacts of urban heat island mitigation strategies on urban air quality Joachim Fallmann, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 1.60
Mar 5                    Measurement of airborne concentrations of tire and road wear particles Kristen Hitchcock, Health Scientist, Cardo Chemrisk 1.71
Dec 2 Measurement of airborne concentrations of tire and road wear particles Dr David Worton , University of California 1.13
Nov 26 Forensic Botany: the application of plant material and environmental samples in serious crime investigations Dr Mark Spencer, Natural History Museum 1.11
Nov 25 Outdoor air pollution and asthma - an epidemiologist's perspective Prof Ross Anderson, King's College London 3.52
Sep 23 Trams on track to clear the air in London? Lewis Lesley, Trampower 2.4
Aug 22 Fingerprint analysis beyond the source Marcel de Puit  
Jul 23 Combining land use regression and dispersion modelling in air pollution exposure assessment - the best of both worlds? John Gulliver 1.11
Jul 15 Toxicology: challenges in public health Dr Ovnair Sepai, Public Health England G94
Jun 17 Experimental models to assess risk potential of inhaled materials in Asthma Dr Martin Leonard, Public Health England 4.63
Apr 29 Understanding how people react to air pollution and its implications for policy and public information Dr Iarla Kilbane-Dawe, Parliament Hill Research Ltd 4.63
Apr 16 Global profiling in environmental health-related population studies: experience from the Envirogenomarkers project Prof Soterios Kyrtopoulos 4.63
Mar 18 Global burden of disease from outdoor air pollution Prof Ross Anderson, Division of Analytical & Environmental Sciences 2.81
Feb 18 Characterisation and use of electrochemical sensors for measurements of personal exposure to gas-phase air pollution Mr Gregor Stewart, Division of Analytical & Environmental Sciences 3.52
Jan 30 Aflatoxin a global problem: translating experimental studies to solving health problems Prof John D. Groopman, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA 3.52
Jan 21 Modelling outside the box: collecting and interacting with data minus the keyboard and mouse Dr Jonathan Reades, Department of Geography, King's College London 4.63
Apr 26 Urban land-atmosphere interactions: what models do and don’t tell us Rob McKenzie, Professor of Atmospheric Science,  University of Birmingham 4.63
Apr 18 Quantifying the uncertainties due to advection and boundary layer: dynamics on the diurnal carbon dioxide budget Dr David Pino, Barcelona Tech University 3.52
Mar 22 Mass spectrometry in the pharmaceutical industry: applications of MS Imaging Dr Andy West, GlaxoSmithKline 4.63
Mar 6 Dispersion of nanoparticles in and around the vehicles Dr Prashant Kumar, Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey   1.62
Feb 25 Potential interaction of engineered nanoparticles with other environmental agents: Could they act as “Trojan-horses” to induce biological responses in marine species? Prof Awadhesh Jha, Plymouth University 4.63
Jan 29 Does outdoor air pollution affect respiratory health in patients with COPD? Janet Peacock, Professor of Medical Statistics, King's College London 3.52



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