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Air pollution podcast

Professor Frank Kelly, Head of the Analytical & Environmental Sciences Division at King’s, has contributed to a Planet Earth podcast relating to urban pollution and its effect on our health. 

The podcast, entitled ‘London’s air pollution from the BT Tower’, was recorded from the top of the BT Tower last month and discussed a project called 'Clean Air for London' or ClearfLO.

King’s is part of a consortium of UK universities and research institutes working on the project which will examine the emission and chemical transformation of air pollutants in London which are responsible for approximately 29,000 people dying prematurely or losing their life span each year.

Professor Kelly says: ‘29,000 people is really just the tip of the pyramid because below that we have many, many more people who are being influenced by pollution in respect of maybe the nature of their disease they develop or the exacerbation of that disease if it's a respiratory disease, how often it occurs on a weekly basis.

‘The two years of pollution data is a very special data set because it has been enriched in a number of ways which has not been available to health researchers before. So now we're going to be able to use that data set to link to health sets and to ask the questions which type of particles and which components on those particles seem to be most linked to health effects that we see.’

Listen to the full podcast at