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Dr Nutthida Kitwiroon

Senior Air Pollution Scientist

Dr Nutthida KitwiroonModelling
Environmental Research Group
King's College London
Franklin-Wilkins Building
150 Stamford Street

Tel: 020 7848 4008


I joined the group in 2007 after my previous work at the University of Hertfordshire, where I obtained my PhD in atmospheric modelling and many years experience in local and regional scale air quality modelling. I was involved in various national and EU funding projects varying from the development of integrated air quality modelling system for air quality assessment at urban and EU scale to the study of non-exhaust PM in urban areas. My research discipline also extends to the development of emission processors and the application of remote sensing and GIS to air pollution modelling.

My role in the group includes assisting with the group’s existing research projects, such as the EU projects (FP7 funding) including BRIDGE (aiming to characterise the urban morphology, heat fluxes and emissions as part of the development of the sustainable urban planning system support accounting for urban metabolism) and MEGAPOLI (the integrated modelling system to assess the impacts of megacities on multi-scale air quality and climate).

I am also responsible for multi-scale atmospheric modelling for research and policy applications and developing the relevant tools for air quality, ecosystem and health impact assessment, for instance, a coupled regional scale model, WRF/CMAQ, with in-house street scale model, ADMS, for traffic related pollution and health impacts study.

In collaboration with the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), I am currently involved in a research project on O3 dry deposition modelling and its impact on human health and crop yields over the UK. In addition, I am participating in national and international activities such as the DEFRA model inter-comparison (as part of the DEFRA modelling review) and AQMEII (US-EU model inter-comparison) to define and bridge the gaps in science and to develop the innovative tools for model evaluation.

Selected Publications

N. Kitwiroon, R.S. Sokhi, L. Luhana and R.M. Teeuw. 2002. Improvements in air quality modelling by using surface boundary layer parameters derived from satellite land cover data, Water, Air & Soil Pollution, 2(5-6), pp 29-41.

J. Kukkonen, M. Pohjola, R.S. Sokhi, L. Luhana, N. Kitwiroon, E. Fragkou, M. Rantamaki, E. Berge, V. Odegaard, L.H. Slordal, B. Denby and S. Finardi. 2005. Analysis and Evaluation of selected Local-scale PM10 Air Pollution Episodes in Four European Cities: Helsinki, London Milan and Oslo, Atmospheric Environment, 39, pp 2759-2773.

R.S. Sokhi, R. San José, N. Kitwiroon, E. Fragkou, J.L. Pérez and D.R. Middleton. 2006. Prediction of ozone levels in London using the MM5-CMAQ modelling system. Environmental Modelling and Software journal, 21(4), 566-576.

Keuken, M., Sokhi, R., N. Kitwiroon, Larssen, S., Pregger, T., Kummer, U., Nussio, F., and van den Elshout, S. 2007. Assessment of non-exhaust PM emissions by road traffic in urban areas - an AIR4EU case study in Rome, London, Oslo an Rotterdam, In the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on “Urban Air Quality”, Cyprus, 27-29 March 2007.

R.S. Sokhi and N. Kitwiroon. 2008. Chapter 2: Air pollution in urban areas. In World Atlas of Atmospheric Pollution, ed: R S Sokhi, Anthem Press.

R.S. Sokhi, H. Mao, S.T.G. Srimath, S. Fan, N. Kitwiroon, L. Luhana, J. Kukkonen, M. Haakana, A Karppinen, K.D. van den Hout, P. Boulter, I.S. McCrae, S. Larssen, K.I. Gjerstad, R. San José, R., J. Bartzis, P. Neofytou, P. van den Breemer, S. Neville, A. Kousa, et al. 2008. An integrated multi-model approach for air quality assessment: Development and evaluation of the OSCAR Air Quality Assessment System. Environmental Modelling & Software, 23, 3, 268-281.

Y. Yu, S. Sokhi and N. Kitwiroon, D.R. Middleton and B. Fisher. 2008. Performance characteristics of MM5–SMOKE–CMAQ for a summer photochemical episode in southeast England, United Kingdom. Atmospheric Environment, 42, 20, 4870-4883.

Kitwiroon, N and Beevers, S. 2010. Comprehensive analysis of annual 2005/2008 simulation of WRF/CMAQ over southeast of England. In The Proceeding of the 13th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes. 1-4 June 2010, Paris, France.


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