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Environmental Carcinogenesis

Environmental Carcinogenesis

Led by Professor David Phillips and Dr Volker Arlt the Environmental Carcinogenesis Group studies the molecular epidemiology of cancer and monitors human exposure to environmental carcinogens by detecting and characterising DNA and protein adducts in human tissues. 

These studies provide biomarkers of exposure and clues to the aetiology of cancer. Experimental studies involve elucidating the pathways of metabolic activation of environmental carcinogens, the mutagenic consequences of DNA damage caused by carcinogens, and the effects on gene expression, cell cycle and DNA repair in human cells exposed to such agents.

Research Outputs:

View the Environmental Carcinogenesis Group's research outputs here.

Current Group Members:

Dr Jill Kucab

Dr George Preston

Dr Ian Jarvis

Dr Eleanor Wilde

Dr Halh Al-Serori

Dr Osman Sozeri

Rosemary Wilkinson (Editorial Assistant)

Postgraduate Research students:

Lisa Hölzl-Armstrong (2nd year)

Lindsay Reed  (3rd year)

Mateja Sborchia (4th year)

Angela Caipa Garcia (1st year; rotation)


MSc/MRes Students:

Haeri Kim

Jannis Ulke


BSc Project students:

Ali Khajak

Former Group Members:

Dr Sabine Schnell (Research Associate; 04-09/2017)

Chantal Primo (MSc Student; 04-08/2017)

Dr Michaela Moserova (Visiting Scientist; 02-05/2017)

Veronica Duffy (MSc Student; 01-08/2017)

Emily Patterson (BSc Student; 01-04/2017)

Luise Simon (Visiting Scientist; 10/2016-03/2017)

Myriam Lemmens (MSc Erasmus Exchange Student; 09/2016-02/2017)

Daniel Bussolaro (Visiting Scientist; 06/2016-01/2017)

Aisha Abubakar (MSc Student; 04-08/2016)

Dr Radek Indra (Visiting Scientist; 03-05/2016)

Katerina McCann (MSc Student; 01-08/2016)

Julia Taylor (MSc Student; 01-08/2016)

Zachary Enlo-Scott (BSc Student; 01-04/2016)

Lisa Hölzl-Armstrong (Erasmus Exchange Student; 09-12/2015)

Madeleine Joel (Research Assistant; 04/2015-06/2017)

Iveta Mrizova (Visiting Scientist; 03-05/2015)

Emma Garcia Moles (MRes Student; 01-11/2015)

Louisa Pernee Lee (MSc Student; 01-08/2015)

Alexandra Willis (MSc Student; 01-08/2015)

Dr Marlies Unterberg (Postdoctoral Research Fellow; 01-06/2015)

Soudabeh Imanikia (Research Assistant; 11/2014-02/2015)

Kerstin Feser (MSc Erasmus Exchange Student; 09-12/2014)

Madeleine Joel (MSc Student; 06/2014-03/2015)

Francesca Galea (MSc Student; 01-08/2014)

Ann-Christin Baranski (Visiting Scientist; 10/2013-04/2014)

Helena Chinbuah (MSc Student; 01-08/2013)

Charmaine Corbin (MSc Student; 01-08/2013)

Dr Annette Krais (Postdoctoral Research Fellow; 07/2012-06/2014)

Julia Stertmann (MSc Erasmus Exchange Student; 01-05/2012)

Dr Laura Wohak (PhD Student; 12/2011-11/2016)

Dr Eszter Nagy (Postdoctoral Research Fellow; 12/2011-05/2016)

Dr Stanley Venitt (Scientific Writer; 12/2011-05/2013)

James Evans (Higher Scientific Officer; 12/2011-09/2012


Environmental Carcinogenesis
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