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Research Outputs

Research Outputs - 2011

Published papers and reports from the Environmental Research Group

Title Author(s) Type Date
Black Carbon as an Additional Indicator of the Adverse Health Effects of Airborne Particles Compared with PM10 and PM2.5 Janssen, N. A. H., Hoek, G., Simic-Lawson, M., Fischer, P., van Bree, L., ten Brink, H., Keuken, M., Atkinson, R. W., Anderson, H. R., Brunekreef, B. & Cassee, F. R.
Dec 2011
Recent evidence concerning higher NOx emissions from passenger cars and light duty vehicles arslaw, D. C., Beevers, S. D., Tate, J. E., Westmoreland, E. J. & Williams, M. L. Article Dec 2011
Tocotrienamines and tocopheramines: Reactions with radicals and metal ions Galli, F., Mazzini, F., Bamonti, L., Gille, L., Boehmdorfer, S., Piroddi, M., Netscher, T., Kelly, F. J. & Rosenau, T. Article Nov 2011
The London low emission zone baseline study Kelly, F., Armstrong, B., Atkinson, R., Anderson, H. R., Barratt, B., Beevers, S., Cook, D., Green, D., Derwent, D., Mudway, I., Wilkinson, P Article Nov 2011
In vitro toxicity of particulate matter (PM) collected at different sites in the Netherlands is associated with PM composition, size fraction and oxidative potential - the RAPTES project Steenhof, M., Gosens, I., Strak, M., Godri, K. J., Hoek, G., Cassee, F. R., Mudway, I. S., Kelly, F. J., Harrison, R. M., Lebret, E., Brunekreef, B., Janssen, N. A. H. & Pieters, R. H. H. Article Sep 2011
Air pollution and airway disease Kelly, F. J. & Fussell, J. C. Article Aug 2011
Risk for second malignancies in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors: a meta-analysis Pirani, M., Marcheselli, R., Marcheselli, L., Bari, A., Federico, M. & Sacchi, S Article Aug 2011
Variation in characteristics of ambient particulate matter at eight locations in the Netherlands - The RAPTES project Strak, M., Steenhof, M., Godri, K. J., Gosens, I., Mudway, I. S., Cassee, F. R., Lebret, E., Brunekreef, B., Kelly, F. J., Harrison, R. M., Hoek, G. & Janssen, N. A. H. Article Aug 2011
Black Smoke and Black Carbon: Further investigation of the relationship between these ambient air metrics Quincey, P., Butterfield, D., Green, D. & Fuller, G. W. Article July 2011
New Directions: Science and policy - Out of step on NOx and NO2? Williams, M. L. & Carslaw, D. C. Article July 2011
Outdoor air pollution and respiratory health in patients with COPD Peacock, J. L., Anderson, R., Bremner, S. A., Marston, L., Seemungal, T. A., Strachan, D. P. & Wedzicha, J. A Article Jul 2011
Residential proximity to main roads and lung function in healthy young children Sonnappa, S., Bastardo, C. M., Aurora, P., Whyatt, D., Kelly, F. J., Beevers, S. & Grigg, J. Article Jun 2011
Adhesion of Streptococcus pneumoniae to human airway epithelial cells exposed to urban particulate matter Mushtaq, N., Ezzati, M., Hall, L., Dickson, I., Kirwan, M., Png, K. M. Y., Mudway, I. S. & Grigg, J Article May 2011
Bronchodilator treatment and asthma death: A new analysis of a British case-control study Butland, B. K., Anderson, R. & Cates, C. J. Article Apr 2011
The impact of the congestion charging scheme on air quality in London. Part 1. Emissions modeling and analysis of air pollution measurements Kelly, F., Anderson, H. R., Armstrong, B., Atkinson, R., Barratt, B., Beevers, S., Derwent, D., Green, D., Mudway, I., Wilkinson, P. Article Apr 2011
The impact of the congestion charging scheme on air quality in London. Part 2. Analysis of the oxidative potential of particulate matter Kelly, F., Anderson, H. R., Armstrong, B., Atkinson, R., Barratt, B., Beevers, S., Derwent, D., Green, D., Mudway, I., Wilkinson, P. Article Apr 2011
Proinflammatory doses of diesel exhaust in healthy subjects fail to elicit equivalent or augmented airway inflammation in subjects with asthma Behndig, A. F., Larsson, N., Brown, J. L., Stenfors, N., Helleday, R., Duggan, S. T., Dove, R. E., Wilson, S. J., Sandstrom, T., Kelly, F. J., Mudway, I. S. & Blomberg, A. Article Jan 2011
Impact of heat on mortality in 15 European cities: attributable deaths under different weather scenarios Baccini, M., Kosatsky, T., Analitis, A., Anderson, H. R., D'Ovidio, M., Menne, B., Michelozzi, P., Biggeri, A., Grp, P. H. E. W. E. C. & Katsouyanni, K. Article 2011
Increased Oxidative Burden Associated with Traffic Component of Ambient Particulate Matter at Roadside and Urban Background Schools Sites in London Krystal J. Godri ; Roy M. Harrison ; Tim Evans ; Timothy Baker ; Christina Dunster ; Ian S. Mudway ; Frank J. Kelly Article 2011
Physical, Chemical, and Oxidative Characterization of Particles From Locations With Contrast in Local Source Emissions: Exposure and Health Assessment in the Raptes Study Maciej Strak ; Maaike Steenhof ; Krystal Godri ; Ilse Gosens ; Flemming Cassee ; Gerard Hoek ; Ian Mudway ; Frank Kelly ; Roy Harrison ; Erik Lebret ; Bert Brunelcreef ; Nicole Janssen Article 2011
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