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Research Outputs

Research Outputs - 2013

Published papers and reports from the Environmental Research Group

Title Author(s) Type Date
Peripheral Blood Neutrophilia as a Biomarker of Ozone-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation J. Bosson ; A Blomberg ; Nikolai Stenfors ; Ragnberth Helleday ; Frank Kelly ; Annelie F. Behndig ; Ian Mudway Article Dec 2013
Particulate matter beyond mass : recent health evidence on the role of fractions, chemical constituents and sources of emission Flemming R. Cassee ; Marie-Eve Heroux ; Frank Kelly ; Miriam E. Gerlofs-Nijland Article Dec 2013
2012 LAQN Summary Report Louise Mittal, Timothy Baker and Gary Fuller Annual Report Dec 2013
Bayesian spatiotemporal modelling for the assessment of short-term exposure to particle pollution in urban areas Monica Pirani; John Gulliver; Gary Fuller; Marta Blangiardo Article Nov 2013
Sampling system influence on gaseous air pollution measurements L.A. Mittal ; D.C. Green ; B.P. Sweeney ; P.G. Quincey ; G.W. Fuller Article Nov 2013
Air pollution dispersion models for human exposure predictions in London Sean D Beevers ; Nutthida Kitwiroon ; Martin L Williams ; Frank J Kelly ; Ross Anderson ; David C Carslaw Article Nov 2013
Bassa esposizione a piombo ed esiti della gravidanza: uno studio di coorte delle lavoratrici della ceramica in Emilia-Romagna Paredes Alpaca RI, Forastiere F, Pirani M Article Nov 2013
Physicochemical and toxicological profiling of ash from the 2010 and 2011 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull and Grímsvötn volcanoes, Iceland using a rapid respiratory hazard assessment protocol C J Horwell ; P J Baxter ; S E Hillman ; J A Calkins ; D E Damby ; P Delmelle ; K Donaldson ; C Dunster ; B Fubini ; F J Kelly ; J S Le Blond ; K J T Livi ; F Murphy ; C Nattrass ; S Sweeney ; T D Tetley ; T Thordarson ; M Tomatis Article Nov 2013
Oxidative potential of smoke from burning wood and mixed biomass fuels O. P. Kurmi ; C. Dunster ; J. G. Ayres ; F. J. Kelly Article Oct 2013
UK monitoring and deposition of tephra from the May 2011 eruption of Grímsvötn, Iceland John Stevenson ; Susan C Loughlin ; Anna Font ; Gary W Fuller ; Alison Macleod ; Ian W Oliver ; Ben Jackson ; Claire J Horwell ; Thor Thordarson ; Ian Dawson Article May 2013
Acute nasal pro-inflammatory response to air pollution depends on characteristics other than particle mass concentration or oxidative potential : the RAPTES project Maaike Steenhof ; Ian S Mudway ; Ilse Gosens ; Gerard Hoek ; Krystal J Godri ; Frank J Kelly ; Roy M Harrison ; Raymond H H Pieters ; Flemming R Cassee ; Erik Lebret ; Bert A Brunekreef ; Maciej Strak ; Nicole A H Janssen Article May 2013
Components of ambient air pollution affect thrombin generation in healthy humans: the RAPTES project Maciej Strak ; Gerard Hoek ; Maaike Steenhof ; Evren Kilinc ; Krystal J. Godri ; Ilse Gosens ; Ian S. Mudway ; Rene van Oerle ; Henri M. H. Spronk ; Flemming R. Cassee ; Frank J. Kelly ; Roy M. Harrison ; Bert Brunekreef ; Erik Lebret ; Nicole A. H. Janssen Article May 2013
New Directions : Time to tackle urban wood burning? Gary Fuller ; Jean Sciare ; Martin Lutz ; Sophie Moukhtar ; Sandra Wagener Article Apr 2013
The importance of high vehicle power for passenger car emissions David C. Carslaw ; Martin L. Williams ; James E. Tate ; Sean D. Beevers Article Apr 2013
UK health performance : findings of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 
Richards, M. , Anderson, H. R. , Bernabe, E. , Burney, P. , Hay, R. J. & 37 others Article Mar 2013
Composition of PM Affects Acute Vascular Inflammatory and Coagulative Markers - The RAPTES Project Maciej Strak ; Gerard Hoek ; Krystal J. Godri ; Ilse Gosens ; Ian S. Mudway ; Rene van Oerle ; Henri M. H. Spronk ; Flemming R. Cassee ; Erik Lebret ; Frank J. Kelly ; Roy M. Harrison ; Bert Brunekreef ; Maaike Steenhof ; Nicole A. H. Janssen Article Mar 2013
Ambient air pollution- a cause for COPD? Tamara Schikowski ; Inga C Mills ; H Ross Anderson ; Aaron Cohen ; Anna Hansell ; Francine Kauffmann ; Ursula Krämer ; Alessandro Marcon ; Laura Perez ; Jordi Sunyer ; Nicole Probst-Hensch ; Nino Künzli Article Mar 2013
Characterising and understanding emission sources using bivariate polar plots and k-means clustering David C. Carslaw ; Sean D. Beevers Article Feb 2013
Twenty-five years of volatile substance abuse mortality: a national mortality surveillance programme Barbara K Butland ; Mary E Field-Smith ; John D Ramsey ; H Ross Anderson Article Feb 2013
Comparative Assessment of Particulate Air Pollution : Exposure from Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Emissions Danielle C. Ashworth ; Gary W. Fuller ; Mireille B. Toledano ; Anna Font ; Paul Elliott ; Anna L. Hansell ; Kees De Hoogh Article Jan 2013
Long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution and incidence of cardiovascular diseases Richard W Atkinson ; Iain M Carey ; Andrew J Kent ; Tjeerd P van Staa ; H Ross Anderson ; Derek G Cook Article Jan 2013
Mechanisms of climate variability, air quality and impacts of atmospheric constituents in the Mediterranean Region George Kallos ; Christina Mitsakou ; A Alastuey ; J van Ardenne ; Marina Astitha ; M Cusack ; U Doering ; Chapter in book Jan 2013
Modelling of air pollution Martin Williams Chapter in book
Jan 2013
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