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Research Outputs

Research Outputs - 2014

Published papers and reports from the Environmental Research Group

Title Author(s) Type Date
Degradation in urban air quality from construction activity and increased traffic arising from a road widening scheme Anna Font, Timothy Baker, Ian S. Mudway, Esme Purdie, Christina Dunster, Gary W. Fuller. Article 1 November 2014
Influence of air pollution on respiratory disease Frank J. Kelly Article October 2014
Exposure to PM2.5 in modern office buildings through elemental characterization and oxidative potential Tamás Szigeti, Zsófia Kertész, Christina Dunster,Frank J. Kelly, Gyula Záray, Victor G. Mihucz, Article September 2014
Associations between three specific a-cellular measures of the oxidative potential of particulate matter and markers of acute airway and nasal inflammation in healthy volunteers Nicole A H Janssen; Maciej Strak; Aileen Yang; Bryan Hellack; Frank J Kelly; Thomas A J Kuhlbusch; Roy M Harrison; Bert Brunekreef; Flemming R Cassee; Maaike Steenhof; Gerard Hoek. Article August 2014
Urban air quality: The challenge of traffic non-exhaust emissions Fulvio Amato, Flemming R. Cassee, Hugo A.C. Denier van der Gon, Robert Gehrig, Mats Gustafsson, Wolfgang Hafner, Roy M. Harrison, Magdalena Jozwicka, Frank J. Kelly, Teresa Moreno, Andre S.H. Prevot, Martijn Schaap, Jordi Sunyer, Xavier Querol Article June 2014
Indoor Exposure and Adverse Birth Outcomes Related to Fetal Growth, Miscarriage and Prematurity—A Systematic Review Frank Kelly; Evridiki Patelarou Article June 2014
Traffic-related pollution and asthma prevalence in children. Quantification of associations with nitrogen dioxide Graziella Favarato, H. Ross Anderson, Richard Atkinson, Gary Fuller, Inga Mills, Heather Walton. Article 10 May 2014
PM10 oxidative properties and asthma and COPD Frank Kelly; Christina Dunster; C. Minelli; C. Canova; PL Shash, C. Caneja; MK Tumility; P. Burney. Letter May 2014
Contribution of wood burning to PM10 in London Gary Fuller, Anja Tremper, Tim Baker, K. E. Yttri, K. E., & D. Butterfield Article April 2014
Intervention assessments in the control of PM10 emissions from an urban waste transfer station Benjamin Barratt, Gary Fuller Article March 2014
Maximising the value of UK population cohorts : MRC Strategic Review of the Largest UK Population Cohort Studies Frank Kelly; Book/Report Mar 2014
Associations between daily mortality in London and combined oxidant capacity, ozone and nitrogen dioxide Martin Williams; Frank Kelly; Richard Atkinson; Ross Anderson Article Mar 2014
Metalloproteins and phytochelatin synthase may confer protection against zinc oxide nanoparticle induced toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans Natasa Polak; Daniel S Read; Kerstin Jurkschat; Marianne Matzke; Frank J Kelly; David J Spurgeon; Stephen R Stürzenbaum Article Mar 2014
Oxidative potential of particulate matter collected at sites with different source characteristics N A Janssen ; Aileen Yang ; Maciej Strak ; Maaike Steenhof ; Bryan Hellack ; Miriam E. Gerlofs-Nijland ; T Kuhlbusch ; Frank Kelly ; Roy M. Harrison ; Bert Brunekreef ; Gerard Hoek ; Flemming R. Cassee Article Feb 2014
Air pollution exposure affects circulating white blood cell counts in healthy subjects: the role of particle composition, oxidative potential and gaseous pollutants - the RAPTES project Maaike Steenhof ; Nicole A. H. Janssen ; Maciej Strak ; Gerard Hoek ; Ilse Gosens ; Ian Mudway ; Frank Kelly ; Roy M. Harrison ; Raymond H. H. Pieters ; Flemming R. Cassee ; Bert Brunekreef Article Feb 2014
Urban particulate matter supresses priming of Th1 cells by GM-CSF-activated human dendritic cells. Nicholas Matthews ; Alexander Faith ; Paul Pfeffer ; Haw Lu ; Frank Kelly ; Catherine Hawrylowicz ; Tak Lee Article Feb 2014
Carbon in airway macrophages from children with asthma Rossa E Brugha ; Naseem Mushtaq ; Thomas Round ; Dev H Gadhvi ; Isobel Dundas ; Erol Gaillard ; Lee Koh ; Louise J Fleming ; Daniel J Lewis ; Marek Sanak ; Helen E Wood ; Benjamin Barratt ; Ian S Mudway ; Frank J Kelly ; Christopher J Griffiths ; Jonathan Grigg Article Feb 2014
The Future of European Urban Air Quality Monitoring T Kuhlbusch ; Paul Quincey ; Gary Fuller ; Frank Kelly ; Ian Mudway ; Mar Vian ; Xavier Querol ; Andrés Alastuey ; Klea Katsouyanni ; Ernie Weijers ; Annette Borowiak Article Jan 2014
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