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Resources for Health Professionals

Please note: The King's College London education booklets for the low FODMAP diet are only available to order for registered dietitians.  

COVID-19: the booklets are processed and distributed via a third party while the College remains closed during the outbreak.

Please order using the link at the bottom of the page. 

All proceeds from the sale of these booklets go directly towards funding further FODMAP research.   


Booklet1A 32 page A5 colour booklet giving details of the low FODMAP diet and the most recent information on foods to avoid, with suitable alternatives including a meal plan and advice on eating out. The introduction gives some basic information on IBS and how FODMAPs affect the gut. 

Publication date February 2020.

View sample pages.





Booklet2A 56 page A5 colour booklet with a larger list of suitable low FODMAP products available from the UK. There are also more simple low FODMAP recipes and meal ideas included.

Publication date June 2020. 

View sample pages.







A 16 page A5 colour booklet providing details of which FODMAPs are present in different foods and describes how to challenge with high FODMAP foods.

Publication date February 2020.

View sample pages.






FODMAP Publications Prices 

 1-4 packs (10 booklets per pack)5-29 packs (10 booklets per pack)30 + packs (10 booklets per pack)

Reducing Fermentable Carbohydrates the Low FODMAP Way

£17.50 per pack

£15.00 per pack

£13.00 per pack

Suitable Products for the Low FODMAP diet

£20.00 per pack

£17.00 per pack

£14.50 per pack

Reintroducing FODMAPS

£7.50 per pack

£6.00 per pack

£5.00 per pack

All orders are sent via recorded delivery


COVID-19: the booklets are processed and distributed via a third party while the College remains closed during the outbreak.

Postage and packing costs will be calculated when orders received. For illustrative purposes only, these are the estimates for orders of increasing size for Reducing and Reintroducing booklets. 

  • 30-50 booklets - postage and packing  £17.00
  • 100 booklets - postage and packing £21.00
  • 200 booklets - postage and packing £30-35




To order booklets please use the order form.

Please note that we DO NOT accept orders via purchase order numbers emailed to us. The order form must be completed and your purchase order number attached on the form.  


Purchase order number

Please ensure you have your organisation's purchase order number ready before submitting the order form.

All orders placed by NHS Trusts will require a purchase order number. Orders submitted without a purchase order number will not be processed (please ensure you provide a "purchase order" number and not a "requisition" number). 

For all other organisations, if a purchase order number is not required, please add "not required" in the text box next to "Your purchase order number".



Your invoice will be sent one week after the booklets have been posted to you. 

Once you have received your invoice you can pay for your order by BACS, cheque or by card via the KCL e-store website. 

For invoice of £50 and over you can pay online here.  

For invoice under £50 you can pay online here.

For enquiries please email:

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