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Our research

Early life and development


The human brain has 86 billion neurons, connected circuits that underlie every thought, movement, and aspect of life. We investigate how the brain is built, and how these precise connections are made. By understanding how abnormal brain development impacts behaviour, we investigate autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, and epilepsy, to improve treatments and outcomes.

Lifelong health and disorders


By understanding how the nervous system repairs and regenerates, we will improve outcomes after stroke, spinal cord injury, and tumours. Discovering the causes of chronic pain and finding new treatments could be life-changing for sufferers. Understanding neuroinflammation (inflammatory responses in our brain and spinal cord), sleep and hearing loss could lead to new treatments as we work to improve health for us all.

Ageing and neurodegeneration

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We all age, yet little is understood why some remain fit and healthy, whilst others experience debilitating diseases. Our research investigates the role of our genes and the environment in underlying conditions such as Alzheimer's, motor neuron disease and Parkinson's diseases. By understanding healthy ageing, improving early diagnosis, and finding new treatments, we work towards a happy and healthy old age for all.

Neuroscience of mental health and memory


Mental health disorders often begin early in life and contribute to lifelong incapacity or reduced life span. Uniquely placed within the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience, our colleagues lead the world in mental health research. We work together to understand how changes in cells and circuits underlie mental health conditions, investigating potential new avenues for the treatment of these devastating diseases.

Brain modelling and imaging


We use imaging to show nervous system structure and function; computational neuroscience and its mathematical modelling providing further insights. Our cutting-edge approaches and techniques model brain structure and function at all levels, from individual cells to human behaviour. Our specialist units include pre-clinical, clinical and pharmacological imaging, and in-vitro cellular and stem-cell models.

Our facilities

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We lead the world in the developing new research methods and techniques. We identify key genes in devastating diseases and how changes in cells and brain circuitry affect brain development. Our pre-clinical and computational research provides insights of disease models, complemented by research in healthy people. Working directly with patients, our clinical research team truly translate discoveries from bench to bedside.

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What is neuroscience?

What is neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, from structure to function, in health and disease



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