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Professor Becky Francis

Professor of Education and Social Justice


Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0)207 8483095
Twitter: @BeckyFrancis7


Best known for her work on gender and achievement, Becky’s research has focused on social identities in education and educational in/equalities. She has recently combined education policy work with her academic career: Becky’s policy research and analysis includes her recent influential work on ‘Satisfactory’ schools and on Academies.
Her academic publications centre on social identities (gender, ‘race’ and social class) in educational contexts, social identity and educational achievement, and feminist theory. She has written many books on these topics, including the most recent Identities and Practices of High Achieving Pupils (2012, Continuum); and has also co-edited several readers on theory and practice in gender and education, including the Sage Handbook of Gender and Education (2006).
Becky is a member of the Centre for Public Policy Research and leads courses on the MA Modular programmes.

Please follow this link to see details of my research project on social mobility

For further details, please see Becky’s Research Staff Profile

Selected Recent Coverage:

Selected Recent Academic Publications:
  • Francis, B. and Paechter, C. (2015). The problem of gender categorisation: addressing dilemmas past and present in gender and education research. Gender and Education, 27(7) 776-790.
  • Francis, B., Archer, L., Hodgen, J., Pepper, D., Taylor, B. & Travers, M. (2015) Exploring the relative lack of impact of research on ‘ability grouping’ in England: a discourse analytic account, Cambridge Journal of Education, DOI: 10.1080/0305764X.2015.1093095
  • Francis, B. (2015) Impacting policy discourse? An analysis of discourses and rhetorical devices deployed in the case of the Academies Commission, Discourse, 36(3) 437-451.
  • Francis, B., Mau., A. & Archer, L. (2014) Speaking of identity? British-Chinese young people’s perspectives on language and ethnic identity, in: Lan Curdt-Christiansen, X.L. & Hancock, A. (eds) Learning Chinese in Diasporic Communities. Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
  • Norris, E. & Francis, B. (2014) The impact of financial and cultural capital on FE students’ Education and employment progression, in: Mann, J. Stanley & L. Archer (eds), Understanding Employer Engagement in Education, London: Routledge.
  • Francis, B. (2013) Making an Impact? In: M. Weaver-Hightower & C. Skelton (eds) Leaders in Gender & Education: Intellectual Self-Portraits, New York: Sense Publishers.
  • Francis, B., Burke, P., & Read, B. (2013) The submergence and re-emergence of gender in undergraduate accounts of university experience, Gender & Education, 26(1) 1-17.
  • Francis, B., Luk-Fong, P. and Skelton, C. (2012) Gender and Achievement in the UK and Hong Kong, In: Chris Forlin (ed) Future Directions for Teacher Education for Inclusion, New York: Routledge.
  • Francis, B. & Mills, M. (2012) What would a socially just education system look like?, Journal of Education Policy, 27 (5) 577-585.
  • Francis, B. (2012) Gender monoglossia, gender heteroglossia: the potential of Bakhtin’s work for re-conceptualising gender, Journal of Gender Studies, 21 (1) 1-15.
  • Read, B., Francis, B. & Skelton, C. (2011) Gender, popularity and notions of in/authenticity amongst 12-year-old to 13-year-old school girls, British Journal of Sociology of Education, 32 (2) 169-183.
  • Mendick, H. & Francis, B. (2011) Boffin and geek identities: abject or privileged?, Gender and Education. 24(1) 15-24.
  • Francis, B. (2010) Gender, Toys and Learning, Oxford Review of Education, 36 (3) 325-344. 
  • Francis, B. (2010) Re/theorising Gender: Female masculinity and male femininity in the classroom?, Gender and Education, 22 (6) 477-490. 
  • Francis, B., Skelton, C. & Read, B. (2010) The simultaneous production of educational achievement and popularity: how do some pupils accomplish it? British Educational Research Journal, 36 (2) 317-340. 
  • Archer, L., Francis, B. & Mau, A. (2010) The Culture Project: diasporic negotiations of ethnicity, identity and culture among teachers, pupils and parents in Chinese language schools, Oxford Review of Education, 36(4) 407-426.
  • Francis, B. (2009) The role of The Boffin as abject Other in gendered performances of school achievement, The Sociological Review, 57 (4) 645-669. 
  • Francis, B., Archer, L. & Mau, A. (2009) Language as Capital, or Language as Identity? Chinese complementary school pupils’ perspectives on the purposes and benefits of complementary schools, British Educational Research Journal, 35 (4) 519-538. 
  • Skelton, C., Francis, B., Carrington, B., Hutchings, M., Read, B., & Hall, I. (2009) Primary Teachers’ Perceptions of Gender and Its Significance for Teaching and Managing Pupils, British Educational Research Journal, 35 (2) 187-204. 
  • Francis, B. (2008) ‘Teaching Manfully? Exploring gendered subjectivities and power via analysis of men teachers’ gender performance, Gender and Education, 20 (2) 109-122. 
  • Francis, B., Skelton, C., Carrington, B., Hutchings, M., Read, B. and Hall, I. (2008) A Perfect Match? Pupils’ and teachers’ views of the impact of matching educators and learners by gender, Research Papers in Education, 23 (1) 21-36.


International Links
In 2008 I was the annually appointed Distinguished International Scholar at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Queensland.

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