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John Frederic Daniell

Chemistry has been taught at King's since the founding of the College in 1829, when John Frederic Daniell was appointed the first Professor of Chemistry. The first Chemical Laboratory was founded a few years later in 1834. Daniell remained at King's until 1845 and in 1846 the Daniell Scholarship was founded in his honour.

Daniell invented the first electrochemical cell, laying down the foundations of the study of electrochemistry and hence influencing the study of Physical Chemistry. Today the cell named after him, the 'Daniell Cell', can be found in Chemistry text books in schools and colleges the world over.

Development of the Department

A Chair of Practical Chemistry was endowed in 1851 and later combined with the chair of Chemistry in 1870 under Charles Loudon Bloxam. It formed part of the Medical Department but instruction was also provided in the Department of Applied Sciences and in Evening Classes. Classes in chemical engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences commenced in 1930, while chemistry classes formed part of instruction in physiology in the Faculty of Medicine before Chemistry became a discrete Department in 1958.

During a national climate of declining student numbers and reduced funding, King’s was forced to accept that it was unable to sustain the Chemistry Department and in 2003, moves were made for a phased closure. While the visible consequence of this closure was that an undergraduate Chemistry degree was no longer offered, there was never any doubt about the importance of chemistry as a basic science at King's, and high quality chemistry-related research and teaching has continued to thrive within various divisions of the University until today.

Chemistry today

In 2011, King’s announced plans for a new undergraduate degree, MSci/BSc Chemistry with Biomedicine, and the establishment of a Department of Chemistry, which marked the dawn of an exciting new era for Chemistry at King’s. Both the new Department and degree course were successfully launched in 2012. In addition to Chemistry researchers already established at King’s, many internationally excellent new academic staff were recruited in the inaugural phase, and expansion has continued during the subsequent years. The Department now has a distinct focus on understanding the chemistry of life and the interface with biology in an interdisciplinary environment.






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