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Information on new funding arrangements for pre-registration nursing and midwifery programmes

The government has announced changes to the funding arrangements for nursing and midwifery students. From August 2017, pre-registration BSc (undergraduate) nursing and midwifery students will need to apply for student loans to cover tuition fees and living costs, instead of an NHS bursary. Visit The Funding Clinic website for further information.

So what will this mean for you? In your first post as a registered nurse or midwife you will earn a salary of around £21.7k. At this salary the repayment of your student loan will be £5.25 per month, equivalent to two cups of coffee. 

female student drinking coffee at strand_funding pages Nov 2016Pre-registration Postgraduate Diploma and part-time nursing students will still be able to apply for an NHS bursary for courses starting in 2017.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery for registered nurses is not funded by a bursary. Successful applicants will receive funding from the NHS Trust they are employed by.

If you are going to embark on a career as a midwife or nurse then start here.

The Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery offers you a first class education in one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Our clinical partners offer exciting placement opportunities at world-class teaching hospitals across London. Together we are committed to preparing you to be an outstanding nurse or midwife of the future.

Invest in your education with us and invest in your future with NHS centres of excellence. We look forward to receiving your application. 

Funding arrangements information:

Current pre-registration BSc nursing and midwifery students:

Students who applied for 2016/17 will continue to receive their NHS bursary up until completion of their programme.


Maintenance support under the new loans system:

Pre-registration BSc (undergraduate) nursing and midwifery students will be eligible for a range of means-tested loans, including a specific loan designed to support students on courses that have a longer than average student year. There are also special allowances, for example childcare, adult dependants and parents’ learning allowance. The day to day ‘cash in hand’ is significantly higher under the loans system than the existing grants system. In summary, for the maximum claim under the two systems:

  • Students inside London and living away from the parental home: the maximum amount per year would increase from £8750 to £12054 (a 38% increase);
  • Students outside of London and living away from the parental home: the maximum amount per year would increase from £6975 to £9257 (a 33% increase);
  • Students living in the parental home: the maximum amount per year would increase from £6064 to £7592 (a 25% increase)

There are also special allowances for childcare, and the government has committed to making an extra £1000 available for childcare funding per person. This will not affect your access to the standard student support system. More information is available on The Council of Deans of Health website.

You can also read our information on tuition fees

Applying for a student loan if you already have a degree:

Pre-registration Postgraduate Diploma and part-time nursing students can still access an NHS bursary for tuition fees and maintenance for courses starting in 2017. 

When you graduate:

In your first post as a registered nurse or midwife, you will earn a salary of £21.7k. Graduates earning above £21,000 start repaying their loan, which is taken out of your pay packet each month. At this salary the repayment for your student loan will be £5.25 per month.

Are there any special funds that I would be able to access to support me study?

Universities and employers sometimes have bursaries available to help students. You can search for King's College London bursaries online. We also have a number of scholarships, which there is more information about on our Faculty website.

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