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Careers & alumni

Life after King's

Studying at King’s College is just the start of your success story. Throughout your time here, we’ll help you build your expertise, prepare for your next chapter and show you the possibilities the world of healthcare offers.  

Our courses are designed to give you the practical experience you need to make an impact – whatever you decide to do after your degree. In fact, your career paths are more varied than you might expect!

Many of our nurses and midwives care for patients in hospitals, but you might decide to work in a prison, community healthcare centre, or psychiatric ward. Or, with growing opportunities in management, teaching and research, you could apply your skills outside clinical practice. 

Career paths

Specialise in an area of nursing and midwifery

At King’s, we give students the chance to care for diverse groups of people facing different healthcare challenges. So you might discover a particular area that sparks your interest.

Nurses take on specialist roles working alongside surgeons in theatre, caring for children, supporting people with disabilities, and more. As a midwife, you might work in different areas in triage and assessment, postnatal wards and neonatal units. Or, you could focus on supporting vulnerable groups or mothers facing mental health issues. Modupe Oshadiya, Senior Teaching Fellow, explains how she decided to she wanted to work in substance abuse with patients and their families.

Watch: How did you decide what field to specialise in?

Work abroad

Our healthcare degrees are recognised across the globe, so your qualification gives you the freedom to kick-start a career beyond the UK.

Working as a nurse or midwife overseas, you’ll experience different cultures and learn to adapt with fewer resources. You might help set up a maternity department in new health centre, run awareness programmes in the community, or train local midwifes. Teresa Chinn MBE explains the opportunities she’s had to work overseas in her nursing career. 

Watch: Can nursing take you into a career abroad?

Case study: Nursing in the army

Want to challenge yourself further? You could put your skills to the test within the armed forces working as a nurse.  

Not only will you make a difference caring for members of the military, you’ll get the chance to travel the world and benefit from funding for further education.

Louise Dewsbury, Lead Paediatric Nurse and British Army Reservist, explains how she became a nurse in the forces and how to get involved. 

Watch: How did you become a nurse in the army?





Our alumni community

At King’s, we have a real sense of community among our nurses and midwives, so it’s no surprise a lot of graduates keep in touch.

Each member of our alumni has a different story to tell. To inspire our current students, we ask them to share their experience at King’s and what they do now.

group of students sitting on sofas talking

Alumni stories

Meet Ben

Student talking

Ben graduated as an adult nurse from King’s in 2014. He explains his roles and shares the advice he’d give his student self.

Meet Laura

Laura Brockway speaking on camera.

Laura talks about the support she received at King’s and reveals how she knew she made the right career choice.

Meet Mark

Student talking

Mark graduated in 2018. He tells the story of how his time in hospital inspired him to become a nurse and make a difference.

Mentor videos

What it takes to be a great nurse

Dr Victoria Harmer

Dr Victoria Harmer, Macmillan Consultant Nurse at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust walks us through her career in nursing and what it really takes to be a great nurse!

How I created a successful midwifery career

Dame Cathy Warwick

Cathy was the Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives between 2008-2017. She discusses the opportunities and obstacles that she faced, how she was inspired by her mentors and how you can pursue a successful career.

5 top tips for difficult conversations

Ben Bowthorpe Weller

Has anyone spoken to the family yet? Every day, nurses and midwives are communicating with patients and their families. This includes delivering negative information. King's nursing alumnus Ben Bowthorpe Weller talks us through his approach.

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