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Selection Days

Selection Events

Test days & MMIs

If your application is shortlisted for a selection event, you will need to successfully complete a multiple mini interview (MMI). This will take place on our Guy’s Campus.

Full details of the event and what is needed from you, will be sent to you with your invitation to attend - it is important that you read these thoroughly when you receive them and complete any tasks requested.

Some applicants may also need to complete a Numeracy and/or Literacy test, as part of the Selection Event. It is a Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) requirement that applicants commencing a pre-registration Nursing or Midwifery programme are assessed for Numeracy and Literacy ability.

Please see online prospectus for further details of test requirements and details of academic entry requirements for the programmes, or call 020 7848 7162 if you have any further enquiries.   

What to expect on a test day


Each test is 20 minutes in duration. We would advise you to practice against the clock, allowing 20 minutes for each test, to make sure that you have time to complete the test in the time allowed. We are able to permit 25% extra-time to those applicants who are permitted extra-time in their exams. When you receive your invite, information on how to request extra-time can be found in the instructions. Evidence will need to be provided.

Numeracy test

The numeracy test comprises 15 questions and is designed to assess your overall numerical skills. Basic calculators are provided on the day. We strongly suggest that you use this sample numeracy test to prepare for the test.

Download a sample numeracy test.

Download the numeracy test answers.

Literacy test

Your literacy test will be used to assess general literacy skills and will involve you analysing a set text. The skills being assessed include, identifying the main points of a text and differentiating them from subsidiary points; recognising implied meaning; scanning for specific information; identifying the writer's opinion, attitude and purpose; following the line of an argument; grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Download a sample literacy test.

Download the literacy test answers.


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

Since Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) are different to standard interviews or group interviews, making sure you are familiar with their structure will help you to feel more confident about the day. MMI’s are widely used for applicants to medical schools in the UK and worldwide.

What is an MMI?

An MMI uses a series of booths or stations each with one interviewer in. Interviewers will ask questions to assess specific skills and qualities. You will have a set amount of time at each station, and when this is complete you will move on to the next station.

This means that the same interviewer will ask the same question to all applicants. This allows us to assess candidates on a like for like basis.

What to expect at your King's MMI

You will arrive at the Hodgkin Building and will wait in one of our Interview rooms, where our student ambassadors will be able to answer questions you may have. At your allocated time, the ambassadors will take you to the Registration Room, where you will be briefed on the interview process. You will be shown a short video clip of a patient discussing their experience - a discussion of this will form one of the questions in your interview. You will be allowed to make notes about the clip which you can take into the interview.

You should familiarise yourself with the NHS Core Values before your interview.

After the MMI is complete, you will taken by the Admissions Assistant to the next stage, which will either be the tests or a campus tour. If you are completing one or both of the tests, when you enter the test room you will be briefed on the test process and will complete your numeracy and/or literacy tests.

It is expected that the selection event will last between 1 ½ hours and 2 ½ hours, however, this is subject to change and is dependent on whether you will be sitting the tests.

1. Registration and pre-interview preparation (30 minutes)

2. MMI (30 minutes)

3. Numeracy and Literacy Tests (40 minutes)

4. Tour of the campus (30 minutes)

Please note that your interviewers will not have viewed your UCAS application form.

 Other frequently asked questions 

Things to consider BEFORE your Selection day

Please remember to confirm your attendance at the Selection Day through the Interview Invitation page on the MyApplication portal. If you do not confirm your attendance by the stated deadline then your space will be allocated to another candidate. If you are unable to attend, there is a reschedule function; we endeavour to reschedule all candidates if they provide a valid reason for requesting a reschedule, however, interview spaces are limited and we may not always be able to reschedule.

If you have any special requirements, such as requiring extra time for the tests, mobility or sensory concerns, please indicate this when confirming your attendance. For extra time requests, evidence of dyslexia, disability, medical condition will need to be sent to MyApplication before the event, in order that the adjustments can be made.

If you require any assistance please contact our Admissions team via MyApplication.

What you need ON THE DAY

At the selection day we will need to ensure that you are the applicant, therefore, please ensure you bring with you a:

  • Valid passport or Vaild Driving Licence or other government official ID, which must contain your picture.

You do not need to bring any education certificates with you to the Selection Day. We will request these if we subsequently decide to make you an offer.

All applicants must print and complete a Disclosure form and bring this to the event. You will find this attached to your invitation on King’s Apply.  

If you disclose a criminal conviction, caution or warning, you must also send a Criminal Conviction Disclosure form to Your name will remain confidential and we will consult our NHS partners as to whether they would accept a student on placement with that particular conviction, and if it would have any implication on that student obtaining a post within the NHS after gaining registration. The College complies with the DBS Code of Practice for all applicants.

Please note that due to limited space, we are unable to permit guests into the interview rooms. There is only a small waiting area in the Hodgkin Building, however, once you go to the briefing, your guest(s) will be able to use the campus facilities which has several cafes and seating areas, and the London Bridge area also has plenty to do, such as Borough market.

How to find our Guy's Campus

Guy's Campus is situated near the River Thames, close to London Bridge and the nearest Underground station is London Bridge (Northern and Jubilee Lines). 

We are also about ten minutes’ walk across London Bridge from Monument station (District and Circle Lines). 

The nearest British Rail station is London Bridge.

The interview suite is located in the Hodgkin Building. 

The Interview suite is located in the Hodgkin Building.

What to expect after the Selection Event

Your Numeracy and Literacy tests will be marked by the Admissions team. If you achieve the pass mark in both tests, your MMI will be reviewed by the Admissions Panel and a decision made. We endeavour to make all decisions within 3 weeks, however, for some programmes we may have to hold decisions longer whilst we interview more candidates. Please do not worry, if you do not receive a decision within 3 weeks this means your application is still under consideration. 

What to expect after the Selection Event

If you have sat a test this will be marked by the Admissions team. Once all tests are marked, the MMI scores will be reviewed by the Admissions team and a decision made. We endeavour to make all decisions within 1 week, however, for some programmes we may have to hold decisions longer whilst we interview more candidates. This is to ensure fairness to all applicants.  Please do not worry, if you do not receive a decision within 1 week this means your application is still under consideration. 

Good luck!

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