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Astroparticle Cosmology


Key information

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Module description

Learning aims & outcomes

The module will focus on cosmology and gravitational and high energy physics in the context of early universe. The standard cosmological model will be developed, the need for inflation and the various inflationary models will be studied in depth, Baryogenesis,leptogenesis and nucleosynthesis  will be discussed. Spontaneously broken symmetries and the formation of topological defects will be covered. The physics of topological defects with emphasis on cosmic strings will be deeply discussed.

The hot topics of dark matter and dark energy will be explored. The origin of large scale structure and cosmic microwave background temperature anisotropies will be covered in detail.


Students will study and gain an understanding of 

  • Einstein's field equations and gravitational dynamics; 
  • homogeneous isotropic spaces; 
  • anisotropic and inhomogeneous spaces; 
  • physics of the very early universe; 
  • the Planck era.


  • Beyond the Standard Model
  • General Relativity and Gravitation
  • Particle Physics
  • Astrophysics

Assessment details


Written Exam (3 hours) May/June 100%

Teaching pattern

3 hours of lectures weekly