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Particle Physics


Key information

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Module description


Learning aims & outcomes

The aim of this introductory course in Particle Physics is to develop a basic understanding of the Standard Model of Particle Physics and how it has been tested experimentally.

A student who successfully completes the course will understand the basic structure of the Standard Model in terms of symmetry and how this leads to definite predictions for the interactions and properties of elementary particles which can be tested experimentally.


  • The building blocks of matter
  • Particle accelerators and detectors 
  • Natural units and dimensional analysis 
  • Invariance principles and conservation laws 
  • Lorentz covariance and 4 vectors 
  • Klein-Gordon equation 
  • Dirac equation 
  • Feynman diagrams 
  • Cross-sections 
  • Decay widths 
  • Gauge symmetries and interactions 
  • The Standard Model Lagrangian 
  • The Higgs boson and its discovery at the Large Hadron Collider 
  • Beyond the Standard Model: grand unification and proton decay


Assessment details

Please note that students who are in attendance for Semester 1 only can expect to be set alternative assessment before their return to their home institution. Further information will be provided by your lecturer.