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Advanced Macroeconomics


Key information

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Module description

The recent global financial crisis, which started in 2007 and put developed countries on the brink of a collapse, exposed some of the most important open questions in macroeconomics. For instance, which policies can improve the positive effects of financial markets in terms of long-run growth, and reduce their negative ones in terms of short-time fluctuations?

Given the renewed interest in these questions and the clear importance of coming up with answers, this course focuses on giving a broad view of dynamics macroeconomics with an emphasis on the role of financial markets in macroeconomics.

Assessment details

2 Hour Exam

1500 Word Essay

Educational aims & objectives

Educational aims of the module

  • To provide an economic analysis of modern macroeconomic modelling
  • To introduce students to some of the most important open questions in macroeconomics
  • This course will utilise and enhance skills that began to be developed in Intermediate Microeconomics , Macroeconomics and Mathematics for Economists

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the students will be able to:

  • Students will have a solid knowledge of the core subjects of macroeconomic theory.
  • Will have developed analytical skills, such as dynamic programming and intertemporal maximization.
  • Will have a more thorough understanding of financial markets and the role of financial intermediaries on the aggregate economy.

Teaching pattern

2 hour weekly lecture & 1-hour seminar fortnightly.