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Moving in

Before moving in

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    Complete induction

    Complete your compulsory online induction. You will be emailed a link to this shortly before arrival day.

  • Book slot logo

    Book slot

    Book your move-in slot. Once you've completed the induction, you will receive a link to book your arrival.

  • Join us online logo

    Join us online

    Join our online community and start talking to your future housemates.

  • Get involved logo

    Get involved

    Check out our Welcome Weeks Event calendar and book your activities.

Arrival information

I need to arrive earlier than 11 September. Can I book an earlier arrival slot?

The earliest arrival slot we can offer is 11 September. Remember, though, you'll need to add an Early Arrival Week to your booking, which will be chargeable, via the portal.

I am arriving late because of visa delays. Will I lose my room?

Don't worry. Your room will be secured as long as you pay the pre-payment and instalments of rent by the deadlines. You can book an arrival slot for later.

I am arriving in the middle of the night. Will I be able to check in then?

Yes. The reception operates 24/7, so there will always be someone to check you in.

What should I do if I need to change my booked arrival slot?

Please log onto the Accommodation Portal and select Change My Arrival Slot.

Are there parking spaces?

There’s no parking at our residences, on move-in days there’ll be a stop-and-drop system. If you require parking, you can find the nearest car park on the NCP website.

Visit the NCP website for more information

Do you offer an airport pickup service?

We don't arrange pickups, but you may find such options from third parties. As London is very well-connected via transportation links, you can easily access the residence via public transportations or cabs.

Can I have packages delivered to the residence before arrival?

As there is no storage for packages, we recommend that you arrange deliveries on or after your move-in day. 

Accommodation fee payment dates

Payment of each instalment is required by the start of each term, on or before the dates set out below:

  • 1st Term – 25 October
  • 2nd Term – 25 January
  • 3rd Term – 5 May
  • Summer Extension - 24 June

Residence fees for a student whose license agreement commences after the standard term due date, is payable within 14 days of commencement of the agreement. Subsequent instalments are then payable in accordance with the due dates as specified above.


If you're having difficulty meeting fee payment deadlines, visit the student fee payment page for further information.  


Arrival slots

Students can arrive early from 11 September 2023 by adding an Early Arrival Week to their booking. Remember, this will incur an additional charge.

Welcome Home 2

For more information see the Moving In Guidemoving in page

What to bring

You'll need to provide your own bed linen and other bedding essentials. Please note that bed sizes differ for each accommodation site so be sure to check your residence for specifics. Likewise, you will need to bring in your toiletries, laundry detergent and iron. We also advise that you bring your cooking utensils.

You can pre-order your bedding, towels and kitchen essentials from our partner Student Essentials, who offers a lot of extras such as mattress topper, iron, kettle, etc. as well. These will get delivered prior to your arrival.

Electrical appliances

You're welcome to bring small electrical appliances that are in good working order. If you're bringing them from outside the UK, that means fitting your plugs with three-pin adaptors that comply with the British electrical system (230V, 50Hz) and British Standard BS 1363. Extension leads are OK, as long as they're not overloaded, but block plug adaptors are not permitted. 

Laptops, printers and small electrical appliances such as speakers, small lamps and alarm radios are all welcome, as long as they’re fitted with plugs or adaptors that are compatible with the UK electrical system. Microwaves are standard in all kitchens – please don’t bring your own – but we don't supply kettles or toasters.

You also won’t need to bring any e-scooters, e-cigarette chargers, electric heaters (including any halogen equipment) or air conditioners because we don’t allow them.

What Not To Bring

Leave at home anything involving a naked flame, such as candles, hookah pipes, incense burners, fairy lights and barbecues. We also advise that you do not bring any large items of furniture into the residences, and this includes wardrobes, and chest of drawers.

Unless you’re a disabled user, please don’t bring a car, moped, motorbike, quad bike, articulated lorry or any other motor vehicle. There are much better ways to get to and from the university.

Information for parents

We strive to provide you with the best level of assistance and care, and we have a team of staff to help you with any queries you may have. No matter how big or small of an issue, we are always happy to help.

Settling in

Remember to join the residences welcome events! They start around 7:00 pm, usually in your residence common area with pizza and drinks, but keep an eye out for what’ll be happening where you are. Either way, make sure to get involved on your first day, as you’ll have the opportunity to meet your flatmates, other residents, and maybe even some students from your course. You’ll be surprised at how easily participating in these events will create friendships that can last for years, even for those who may be a bit shy at first.

Don’t forget to follow ResiLife on social media @kingsresilife as soon as you can so you can keep track of what’s happening in your residence, and say hello to your Residence Welfare Leads on your site as well.

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Your first week

Meet your Community Facilitators and Residence Welfare Leads.

Your Community Facilitators (CFs) and Residence Welfare Leads (RWLs) will be visible around your site and they’re always happy to chat. They’ll introduce themselves as soon as they can and ensure you’re settling in.

It’s a good idea to spend some time personalising your room and creating your own space. If you’re feeling a little homesick or lost, don’t worry. We’re always here to support you. Come along to our weekly events and programmes to engage and meet with the rest of the community. Remember, you can always speak to one of the Residences Welfare Leads for some advice, general information, or just a chat.

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Your first month

By now you should be quite integrated into your community, you'll be getting to know KCL, and things will be becoming the new normal.

You can identify which CF and Residence Welfare Lead is on duty according to the duty posters visible at reception, and the CFs will continue to inform you of all the opportunities to get involved with ResiLife activities. These activities will vary throughout the year so that they complement your academic life rather than compete with any other priorities.

To ensure fairness and cooperation in your shared spaces, your CF will pay you a visit in your first few weeks to introduce themselves and have a chat with you and your flatmates on kitchen etiquette and living with others. By now you'll also be familiar with your on-site staff and residence manager, and they'll always be happy to help you with anything you need.

Welcome home!