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Health Anxiety Questionnaires

The Health Anxiety Inventory

This was described and published in Psychological Medicine in 2002. Reference - Salkovskis, P.M., Rimes, K.A., Warwick, H.M.C. & Clark, D.M (2002) The Health Anxiety Inventory: development and validation of scales for the measurement of health anxiety and hypochondriasis. Psychological Medicine, Vol. 32, 843-853.

There are two referents; these are referred to here as the “week” and “month” versions. The month versions are used as screening instruments and ask for ratings of how the person has been over the last six months. This period is chosen because six months is the period used by DSM-IV for the diagnosis of hypochondriasis.

There are four sections in the health anxiety inventory. The main section is composed of symptoms of health anxiety (hypochondriasis). The second section comprises questions about people’s attitudes to how awful it would be if they were to develop a particular illness. This is scored separately and is regarded as a treatment process measure. Ratings of avoidance and reassurance seeking are also included. The Health Anxiety Inventory main section is scored on a 0 – 3 basis and the section total is used. For the short version this is the first 14 questions. Four questions regarding awfulness are then totalled separately. Reassurance and avoidance seeking are simply totalled but the “other” items in each is not included in the total.

The short version is the version most commonly used for clinical purposes with the long version being for specific research purposes with subscales being available. The “week” version is, of course, more sensitive to treatment changes and is used as a treatment outcome measure.

Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI) Short Week (PDF) (598kb)

Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI) Long Week (PDF) (1.6mb)

Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI) Short Month (PDF) (594kb)

Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI) Long Month (PDF) (1.6mb)

Beliefs Questionnaire The Agoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire (ACQ)

This is a modified version of Dianne Chambless’ agoraphobic cognitions questionnaire. Many thanks to Dianne who kindly gave permission for us to modify it in the first place and to post the modified version here. On the lefthand side the frequency of each of the cognitions is totalled to provide a frequency score. On the right-hand side belief ratings are totalled in the same way.

Agoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire (PDF) (145kb)

Illness Attitudes Questionnaire

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